Funny Names for Hippos (250+ Creative Ideas)

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Funny Names for Hippos

You’ve just welcomed a new hippo into your life, or maybe you’re the proud parent of a ceramic hippo collection that’s just begging for names as unique as they are.

Either way, you’re stuck, aren’t you? You’re scrolling through page after page of ‘common pet names’ only to realize none of them do justice to your hippo’s larger-than-life personality. Fluffy?

Your hippo deserves a name that’s as epic and memorable as they are—a name that captures their grandeur and a sprinkle of humor to make everyone chuckle.

Well, buckle up, because you’re about to dive into a treasure trove of funny names for hippos that are anything but ordinary.

Funny Names for Hippos Favorite List

What Are Some Tips for Creating Your Own Funny Hippo Names?

Crafting the perfect name can be an art, but fear not! Here are some rock-solid tips for brainstorming a hippo name that’ll be the talk of the watering hole.

Think About Your Hippo’s Personality

First things first: What’s your hippo-like? Is he a lazy lounger, or is she a speedy swimmer? Tailoring the name to your hippo’s character can create a magical blend of hilarity and accuracy.

For example, if your hippo loves splashing around, how about “Splashzilla”?

Make a Play on Words

Who doesn’t love a good pun? If you’re stuck, why not play around with hippo-related words like “hip,” “potamus,” or even “river horse”—which is what ‘hippopotamus’ actually means in Greek. “HipHop” or “Potamus Prime,” anyone?

Blend Two Funny Words Together

Ever tried combining two unrelated yet amusing words? Think “Cheese” and “Gobbler”—CheeseGobbler the hippo!

Funny, right? The trick is to make sure both words have a vibe that fits your hippo’s persona. Why settle for plain when you can have extraordinary?

Pop Culture References are Your Friend

Remember Shrek? What about ‘Hip-Shrek’? Taking names or phrases from pop culture and giving them a “hippo twist” can be golden.

Isn’t it great when your pet’s name makes people smile and say, “Oh, I get it!”

Think Outside the Habitat

Why limit yourself to Earth? What about mythical or galactic names? Ever considered “Hippogryph” or “Hipponaut”? The sky’s not the limit; your imagination is.

Test the Name Out Loud

Last but not least, say the name out loud. Does it roll off the tongue? Does it make you giggle? If it checks both boxes, you’re on the right track!

Funny Names for Hippos (with Meaning)

Sure, coming up with funny names for hippos can be an entertaining endeavor. Here are 20 hilarious hippo names, each with a quick explanation of why they tickle the funny bone:


Why should beauty vloggers have all the fun? HippoGlam is for the hippo that always looks picture-perfect, whether they’re lounging in the mud or splashing about. It’s all about that ‘mud mask,’ right?


Ever seen a hippo try to move quickly on land? It’s charmingly awkward—just like the name Wobblepot suggests. This name is perfect for a hippo with a wobbly gait but a solid presence.

Sir Chomps-a-Lot

If your hippo seems to be constantly munching on something, this name is a play on the term “Sir Lancelot,” blending knightly honor with a hint of humor around eating habits.


Hippos love a good mud bath, and this name captures the sheer joy of a hippo sliding into a muddy watering hole. It’s fun, it’s descriptive, and it has a nice ring to it.


Is your hippo the coolest one in the pond? This name combines “hip” and “star,” making it the perfect name for the hippo that’s just too cool for school.


A mix of ‘chubby’ and ‘submarine,’ this name is perfect for the hippo who loves to dive deep and explore underwater worlds while also being adorably plump.


Hippos spend a lot of time in water, but they’re not exactly graceful swimmers. This name celebrates their unique, buoyant style of water navigation.


A play on the name Matilda, “Bloatilda” is ideal for a female hippo with a little extra ‘fluff’—after all, in the hippo world, bigger is often better!


This name is inspired by the hippo’s massive, gaping mouth. It’s a blend of ‘gape’ and ‘Godzilla,’ hinting at the hippo’s grand scale and slightly intimidating yawn.


Given that hippos are often seen performing elegant maneuvers in water, this name, inspired by the famous dance show “Riverdance,” captures their aquatic ballet perfectly.


Hippos have large mouths and are often seen chewing. This Star Wars-inspired name is ideal for the hippo that’s a bit of a geeky fan favorite.


With nostrils that can close while underwater, this name highlights a hippo’s snout acting like a natural snorkel. Perfect for the hippo who loves underwater adventures!


Combining the coziness of a sofa with the grandeur of a king, this name is perfect for a large, relaxed hippo who’s truly the king of comfort.


Another Star Wars nod, this name is for the adventurous hippo who prefers to roam alone in its aquatic galaxy, much like Han Solo.


If your hippo always seems to have a bit of an attitude or a grumpy expression, this Finding Nemo-inspired name is a humorous fit.

Napoleon Blubberpart

This name gives a nod to Napoleon Bonaparte but adds a ‘blubbery’ twist. Ideal for a hippo with a majestic aura but a soft, cuddly side.


For the hippo that’s got a little extra flair and isn’t afraid to show it, this name says it all. It’s perfect for a hippo that struts its stuff around the watering hole.

Chunk Norris

A play on the action star Chuck Norris, this name is for the hippo that’s both robust and tough. For hippos that seem invincible, this name is a playful tribute.


Think Cinderella, but for the hippo world. This name captures the essence of a graceful, elegant hippo that’s the belle of the ball—or in this case, the pond.


For the diva hippo that demands attention whenever it’s around, this play on Madonna is the ideal name. Just like its namesake, this hippo is a true star.

Funny Names for Hippos Ideas List

Funny Names for Hippos Ideas List

It’s also about finding that perfect name that encapsulates their essence while making everyone who hears it break into a smile.

So, whether you have a real hippo, a toy hippo, or you’re just an aficionado looking for giggles, here’s a list of funny names for hippos that’ll add a hearty chuckle to your day.

  1. BubbleGut
  2. Mud Muffin
  3. Hippo Critic
  4. Aqua Chub
  5. Plumpalot
  6. Tanker Belle
  7. Waddle Worth
  8. Splashmaster
  9. Chubby Cheeks
  10. Water Wally
  11. Snuggle Tusk
  12. Marsh Mellow
  13. Soggy Pop
  14. Pond Princess
  15. RiverRover
  16. H2OhWow
  17. Hippo Hooray
  18. Fluffy Bottom
  19. SnortleBerry
  20. Biggie Smalls
  21. Floaty McFloat
  22. Blubber Butt
  23. Muddy Buddy
  24. TubTub
  25. Swish Splash
  26. Plumpy Pants
  27. Gargle Mouth
  28. JigglyJaws
  29. Lazy Lagoon
  30. Wet Willie
  31. SurfNSlurp
  32. HipSkip
  33. Chompette
  34. SinkerBelle
  35. PaddlePaws
  36. Cuddle Chunk
  37. Muncher Moo
  38. Tumble Tub
  39. BellyFlop
  40. Whir lHippo
  41. Jumbo Gumbo
  42. Smoochy Pooch
  43. Dumpy Dive
  44. Bubble Yum
  45. Splasharoo
  46. WobbleWade
  47. Snuggle Snout
  48. Pudge Paddle
  49. Plop Plop
  50. Hippolyta
  51. Giggle Gut
  52. Muddy Paws
  53. Snorkel Snob

Cute Names for Hippos

Naming your adorable hippo shouldn’t be a chore; it should be a delightful experience that captures the essence of their lovable personality.

Whether you’re naming a stuffed animal, a character in a story, or even a real-life hippo, choosing a cute name can make your bond even stronger.

  1. LilyPond
  2. SweetMud
  3. CuddleBug
  4. Buttercup
  5. DaintyHoof
  6. SnuggleWump
  7. Bubbly
  8. Pebbles
  9. Pudding
  10. HoneyDew
  11. CozyToes
  12. Giggles
  13. TinkerBell
  14. Rosie
  15. SugarLump
  16. AngelPaws
  17. Softy
  18. SparkleEye
  19. Marshmallow
  20. Twinkle
  21. Cupcake
  22. Muffin
  23. Squishy
  24. Snuggles
  25. LoveBug
  26. BabyBelle
  27. Bambi
  28. Cherry
  29. Dreamy
  30. MoonPie
  31. Fluffy
  32. LittleFoot
  33. Dolly
  34. Hazel
  35. Precious
  36. Cinnabun
  37. Bella
  38. DewDrop
  39. Velvet
  40. Taffy
  41. Puddles
  42. Daisy
  43. FuzzyWuzzy
  44. CutiePie
  45. Caramel
  46. Jellybean
  47. Lullaby
  48. Peaches
  49. Buttons
  50. Nibbles
  51. Hugs
  52. Harmony
  53. Lollipop
  54. BabyCakes

Funny Male Names for Hippos

Coming up with creative and funny male names for your hippo can turn an ordinary day into a mini-adventure. After all, your hippo deserves a name as unique and entertaining as he is.

  1. WaterHunk
  2. Sir Waddlesworth
  3. HippoPotus
  4. Tubbs McFloat
  5. GargleMouth
  6. Floatenstein
  7. BubbleBeard
  8. Snackasaurus
  9. AquaBulldozer
  10. TankerBell
  11. Hippolyte
  12. ThunderThighs
  13. Admiral Snort
  14. Captain Chubble
  15. Sir Splashalot
  16. Mudrick
  17. BubbaGump
  18. H2-OhWow
  19. PudgeMaster
  20. DipperDan
  21. Soggy Steve
  22. AquaVader
  23. SubberDoo
  24. Plumpkin
  25. Floaty McFloatFace
  26. Dunkin
  27. Biggie Smallsplash
  28. Chompers
  29. Lardo
  30. GushyGus

Funny Female Names for Hippos

Names can be more than just labels; they can truly capture the essence of your hippo’s character. So why go with something generic when you can choose something as unique as she is?

Here are funny female names for hippos that’ll have everyone at the watering hole talking:

  1. DivaDunk
  2. Miss Wobble
  3. LushLily
  4. Glamour Girth
  5. Fluffy Fiona
  6. Aqua Belle
  7. Plump Peach
  8. Curvy Cleo
  9. Sassy Splash
  10. TubbyTina
  11. Lady Lumps
  12. Muffin Mud
  13. Chubby Cherry
  14. BellyBetsy
  15. Wiggly Wanda
  16. Floaty Faye
  17. Snuggle Snort
  18. PlushPatty
  19. GlimmerGerty
  20. Pond Princess
  21. Rubenesque Ruby
  22. Dolly Dipper
  23. Fancy Flotsam
  24. SpunkySpritz
  25. QuirkyQueenie
  26. BubblyBabs
  27. Lumpy Lola
  28. Bossy Betty
  29. Hunky Heidi
  30. Goofy Gwen
  31. Chortle Charlotte
  32. Glitzy Greta

Unique Names for Hippos

A unique, well-thought-out name can instantly make your hippo memorable and add a layer of personality that stands out.

As you consider various options, keep in mind the specific traits, quirks, or behaviors that make your hippo special.

  1. Mud Muffin
  2. AquaChomp
  3. Tubby Tango
  4. Hydrolump
  5. River Roller
  6. H2Oh Wow
  7. Hippo Hulk
  8. SoggySamba
  9. WetWillie
  10. Floatacious
  11. WaddleWade
  12. HippieHippo
  13. Nibble Nose
  14. Chonk Master
  15. Gobble Groove
  16. WaterWiggle
  17. Splashalot
  18. Aquabelle
  19. Yawn Yogi
  20. Pond Prancer
  21. Floatilda
  22. Marbelle
  23. Gargle Guru
  24. Marsh Mellow
  25. Fluffernut
  26. Slop Star
  27. Drench Diva
  28. Snackasaurus
  29. MarshMajesty
  30. Gush Goddess
  31. Lagoon Lad
  32. Ripple Rascal

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