Funny Names for Groups of Birds (250+ Unique Ideas)

Funny Names for Groups of Birds

You’re out for a leisurely walk, enjoying nature, and you spot an absolutely fascinating group of birds. You’re eager to share your discovery with your bird-watching group or maybe just casually mention it during dinner conversation.

But hold on a second—what do you even call a bunch of crows or flamingos? A flock? Nah, that’s way too basic and won’t get you any oohs and aahs. You could Google it, but you’ve got a life to live and time is of the essence.

So, if you’re tired of sounding like a bird-watching newbie and ready to elevate your game, you’ve landed at the right place.

Funny Names for Groups of Birds Favorite List

Funny Names for Groups of Birds (with Meaning)

1. Murder of Crows

This ominous-sounding term for a group of crows actually dates back to the 15th century and medieval folklore. The collective name is thought to reflect the crows’ reputation as scavengers and their seemingly eerie ability to predict death.

2. Parliament of Owls

Much like a real parliament, a group of owls seems wise and deliberative. Owls have long been symbols of wisdom in various cultures. So, next time you see multiple owls together, rest assured they’re likely engaged in some serious “owl-slation.”

3. Flamboyance of Flamingos

The word ‘flamboyance’ perfectly captures the essence of a group of flamingos—vivid, colorful, and ostentatious. Their eye-catching pink feathers and elegant, one-legged stance make any group of flamingos a visual spectacle worthy of this flamboyant title.

4. An Exaltation of Larks

An ‘exaltation’ of larks is poetic, capturing the essence of the bird’s flight pattern and melodious song. The term comes from old English literature and aptly embodies the ethereal experience of witnessing larks in their natural habitat.

5. Gaggle of Geese

A “gaggle” usually refers to a group of geese on water or land. This term is onomatopoeic, mimicking the noise that these birds make. It’s a lighthearted term for a bird group that’s often encountered yet rarely referred to in such a playful manner.

6. Raft of Ducks

When ducks float together on water, they’re called a “raft.” The name paints a picture of ducks seamlessly sticking together like a wooden raft, making it easy to envision and a fun term to use.

7. Pod of Pelicans

When pelicans float together in water, they form what’s known as a “pod.” This collective term could make one think of a group of sleek submarines or even friendly marine animals, making it a catchy and easy-to-remember term.

8. Clowder of Cats

Though not birds, a group of cats actually has its own special term— “clowder.” This quirky name has its roots in the term “clotted,” which means to coagulate. Just like a clotted cream, a clowder of cats sticks closely together, making it a unique and memorable term.

9. Convocation of Eagles

If you think eagles are majestic, wait till you hear what a group of them is called—a “convocation.” The term gives a formal, almost academic feel, as if these eagles are gathering for a graduation ceremony or an important discourse.

10. Grumble of Pugs

Yes, another non-avian example, but it’s too good to leave out. A group of pugs is humorously called a “grumble.” It aptly describes their snorting, wrinkly-faced skepticism, making it a term that brings an instant smile to your face.

11. Troop of Swans

The collective term “troop” for swans adds a bit of military flair to these graceful birds. Imagine them paddling in formation like an aquatic drill team, poised and ready for their next elegant maneuver.

12. Descent of Woodpeckers

The term “descent” for a group of woodpeckers offers a vivid image of these birds descending upon a tree to drum away. The term perfectly captures the flurry of activity that happens when woodpeckers gather.

13. Boast of Sparrows

A group of sparrows is called a “boast,” as if these tiny birds are puffing up their feathers and strutting their stuff. The term adds a sense of playfulness and whimsy to a bird often overlooked because of its size.

14. Kettle of Hawks

During migration, hawks often circle in large groups. This phenomenon is called a “kettle,” evoking the image of hawks swirling as if stirred by some invisible spoon in the sky.

15. Stare of Owls

Another term for a group of owls is a “stare,” capturing the essence of the bird’s striking, unblinking gaze. It’s as if these wise birds are conducting an intense scrutiny of their surroundings.

16. Cluster of Spiders

Another non-bird entry, but intriguing nonetheless. Spiders in a group are called a “cluster,” which can either be fascinating or terrifying, depending on your point of view.

17. Dule of Doves

A group of doves is termed a “dule,” derived from the Middle English word for “dull,” reflecting their unassuming, gentle nature. The term offers a touch of historical and poetic elegance to these symbolically peaceful birds.

18. Band of Jays

“Band” suggests a harmonious gathering of jays, chirping and twittering away. The term conjures images of a lively, social group, adding a touch of character to these already colorful birds.

19. Troop of Butterflies

Yet another non-bird term, a “troop” of butterflies evokes images of an organized fluttering parade. This collective name adds a delightful sense of community and spectacle to these beautiful insects.

20. Bevy of Quail

Last but not least, a “bevy” of quail perfectly suits these small, ground-dwelling birds. The term evokes a sense of social closeness, almost like a club or gathering of good friends sharing a pint or two.

Funny Names for Groups of Birds Ideas List

Funny Names for Groups of Birds Ideas List

Get ready to expand your avian vocabulary! We’ve already explored some of the most peculiar and amusing names for groups of birds, but hold onto your feathers because there’s more.

Below is a list of even more laugh-out-loud, eyebrow-raising collective names for groups of birds that will have you chuckling every time you spot a flock—or should we say, a pandemonium?

  1. Huddle of Penguins
  2. Congress of Seagulls
  3. Squadron of Hawks
  4. Ballet of Swans
  5. Brood of Chicks
  6. Tiding of Magpies
  7. Team of Ducks
  8. Mob of Emus
  9. Quiver of Hummingbirds
  10. Podium of Eagles
  11. Paddle of Puffins
  12. Circus of Storks
  13. Troupe of Canaries
  14. Jubilee of Jays
  15. Pomp of Peacocks
  16. Coalition of Cuckoos
  17. Court of Owls
  18. Gossip of Sparrows
  19. Rumble of Woodpeckers
  20. Harmony of Finches
  21. Caution of Red-Wings
  22. Symphony of Warblers
  23. Confusion of Warblers
  24. Chorus of Robins
  25. Pageant of Peafowls
  26. Bellow of Loons
  27. Lounge of Vultures
  28. Skulk of Blackbirds
  29. Reservoir of Kingfishers
  30. Quorum of Quails
  31. Conglomerate of Condors
  32. Fringe of Goldfinches
  33. Stack of Cormorants
  34. Theater of Cranes
  35. Gathering of Eagles
  36. Ream of Pelicans
  37. Cluster of Starlings
  38. Preen of Herons
  39. Ramble of Robins
  40. Cackle of Hyenas
  41. Parade of Penguins
  42. Gala of Goldfinches
  43. Masquerade of Owls
  44. Flight of Swallows
  45. Roost of Ravens
  46. Throng of Thrushes
  47. Knot of Sandpipers
  48. Scoop of Pelicans
  49. Talent of Falcons
  50. Party of Parrots
  51. Fable of Ravens
  52. Wisp of Snipes
  53. Coil of Nightingales

Special Names for Groups of Birds

When you dive into the world of bird-watching or even casual avian observation, you quickly realize that naming groups of birds isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

Far from mere “flocks,” these gatherings have special terms that tickle the imagination and enrich the English language.

  1. Skulk of Foxes
  2. Confusion of Warblers
  3. Pandemonium of Parrots
  4. Cast of Falcons
  5. Brood of Hens
  6. Mob of Emus
  7. Company of Parakeets
  8. Squadron of Seagulls
  9. Crash of Rhinos (non-bird, but interesting!)
  10. Charm of Finches
  11. Drift of Swallows
  12. Flight of Swallows
  13. Quiver of Cobras (again, non-bird but intriguing)
  14. Chattering of Choughs
  15. Scold of Jays
  16. Unkindness of Ravens
  17. Bale of Turtles (non-bird, for variety)
  18. Bale of Hawks
  19. Pitying of Doves
  20. Covey of Partridges
  21. Siege of Herons
  22. Deceit of Lapwings
  23. Spring of Teal
  24. Clutch of Chicks
  25. Tidings of Magpies
  26. Watch of Nightingales
  27. Congress of Eagles
  28. Leash of Hawks
  29. Team of Ducks
  30. Raft of Loons
  31. Huddle of Penguins

Creative Names for Groups of Birds

Birds are a symbol of freedom, beauty, and nature’s diversity. The names we give to groups of birds reflect our admiration, awe, and sometimes even our sense of humor about these winged wonders.

  1. Sky Dancers
  2. Feathered Symphony
  3. Airborne Elegance
  4. Celestial Chirpers
  5. Winged Whispers
  6. Soaring Serenades
  7. Twilight Twirlers
  8. Heavenly Hustlers
  9. Aerodynamic Artists
  10. Horizon Heralds
  11. Cloud Conquerors
  12. Breeze Bounders
  13. Feathered Fantasies
  14. Starlight Swoopers
  15. Celestial Skippers
  16. Dawn Divas
  17. Dusk Dancers
  18. Ethereal Echoes
  19. Flapping Frenzy
  20. Wind Weavers
  21. Skyward Seekers
  22. Feathered Formation
  23. Whirling Wonders
  24. Aerial Acrobats
  25. Flight Fanatics
  26. Dreamy Drifters
  27. Twilight Trillers
  28. Dawn’s Descendants
  29. Noonday Navigators
  30. Midnight Migrants
  31. Sunset Seraphs
  32. Horizon Hoppers
  33. Skyline Singers
  34. Whistling Wanderers
  35. Celestial Commuters
  36. Sun-chaser Squad
  37. Moonlight Melodists
  38. Gale Gliders
  39. Turbulence Trotters
  40. Atmosphere Avengers
  41. Breeze Ballet
  42. High-Altitude Harmonics
  43. Cloud Cartographers
  44. Starlit Soarers
  45. Radiant Revellers
  46. Ether Entertainers
  47. Skyway Seekers
  48. Heavenly Harmonizers
  49. Celestial Carollers
  50. Azure Adventurers
  51. Uplifted Ensemble
  52. Altitude Artists
  53. Echoing Elevators
  54. Aerial Enchanters
  55. Skybound Storytellers

Cute Names for Groups of Birds

Birds are fascinating creatures that soar through the skies, enchant us with their songs, and add color to our world.

When they flock together, it’s an awe-inspiring sight. Over time, groups of certain birds have been given distinctive names.

  1. Ballet of Swans
  2. Symphony of Canaries
  3. Cascade of Eagles
  4. Doodle of Dodos
  5. Fantasy of Flamingos
  6. Glimmer of Goldfinches
  7. Huddle of Penguins
  8. Jubilee of Jays
  9. Kindle of Kites
  10. Lullaby of Larks
  11. Mosaic of Macaws
  12. Nimbus of Nightingales
  13. Opulence of Owls
  14. Pageant of Peacocks
  15. Quiver of Quails
  16. Radiance of Robins
  17. Splendor of Sparrows
  18. Twinkle of Tanagers
  19. Velvet of Vultures
  20. Whimsy of Warblers
  21. Xanadu of Xenops
  22. Yarn of Yellowtails
  23. Zenith of Zebras (zebra finches, that is!)
  24. Choir of Chickadees
  25. Drizzle of Ducks
  26. Euphony of Egrets
  27. Frolic of Finches
  28. Gaze of Geese
  29. Harmony of Hummingbirds
  30. Infusion of Ibises
  31. Jigsaw of Jackdaws
  32. Kaleidoscope of Kingfishers
  33. Luster of Loons
  34. Medley of Meadowlarks
  35. Nectar of Nuthatches
  36. Ovation of Orioles
  37. Prism of Parrots
  38. Quest of Quetzals
  39. Rhapsody of Ravens
  40. Silhouette of Swallows
  41. Tapestry of Toucans
  42. Universe of Upland Sandpipers
  43. Vista of Vireos
  44. Whisper of Woodpeckers
  45. Xerox of Xantus’s Hummingbirds (because they look alike!)
  46. Yield of Yellowhammers
  47. Zen of Zebra Finches
  48. Breeze of Budgies
  49. Cradle of Crows
  50. Dream of Doves
  51. Essence of Emus
  52. Flutter of Flycatchers