200+ Funny Names For AirPods (Add Humor to Your Listening Experience)

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Funny Names For Airpods

Apple’s new Airpods have been a huge hit, but there’s just one problem – everyone is struggling to come up with a good name for them!

It seems like every day a new funny name for Apple’s Airpods pops up on social media.

From “Airbuds” to “Pods”, people are having a hard time coming up with something that really sticks.

When it comes to choosing a name for your new AirPods, the options are seemingly endless.

However, if you’re looking for something hilariously funny, we’ve got you covered.

Our Favorite Funny Names For Airpods

Funny Names For Airpods (with Meaning)

Here are some of our favorite funny names for Airpods. Check it out and let us know what you think!

1. Airbus

The most popular name for Airpods, and for good reason. It’s a play on the word “earbuds”, and it just sounds cool.

2. Pod people

A  reference to the classic sci-fi film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, in which people are replaced by emotionless clones.

3. Appleseeds

This is a funny name for Airpods because it sounds like “Apple seeds” which means that the Airpods are tiny and insignificant.

4. iPods

It’s a great play on words, and it’s also a clever way to show that you’re an Apple fan which sounds cool.

5. Fruit Loops

This is a name for Airpods inspired by the popular cereal because they are both small and circular.

6. Earbombs

A name for Airpods that is both funny and accurate, because they are so small that they could easily be mistaken for earbombs.

7. Hearing Aids

The Airpods are so small that they look like hearing aids and can fit in your ear like one too that’s why we gave this name to it

8. White Noise Machines

Airpods emit a white noise that can help you focus and block out distractions, making them the perfect name for Airpods.

9. Cauliflower Ears

It’s a great fun name for Airpods because they look like cauliflower, and it’s also a clever way to show that you’re an Apple fan.

10. Wireless Headphones

This is the most accurate name for Airpods because they are truly wireless headphones and are best used without any cords.

11. Brain Scramblers

An accurate name for Airpods is because they can help you focus and block out distractions.

12. Concentration Camps

The Airpods are a great way to help you concentrate, making them the perfect name for Airpods.

13. Airheads

A great name for Airpods, because they are so small and lightweight that they can easily be mistaken for airheads.

14. Bubble Wrap People

Bubble wrap is often used to protect delicate items, and the Airpods are so small and delicate that they can easily be mistaken for bubble wrap people.

15. Balloon Heads

This is a great fun name for Airpods, it is always a good idea to have a backup name for Airpods.

16. Ding dong ditch people

Ding dong ditch is a game where you ring someone’s doorbell and then run away before they can answer it. And who likes this game? Kids! So this name is for Airpods.

17. Wi-Fi Huggers

It’s a name for Airpods that is accurate because they need to be near a Wi-Fi connection in order to work properly.

18. Cyber Bullies

This is a great name for Airpods because they can be used to eavesdrop on conversations and record people without their knowledge.

19. Cell Phone Zombies

This one is a play on the term “cordless phone zombies”. It’s used to describe people who are so addicted to their cell phones that they can’t go anywhere without them.

20. Data Hogs

Data hogs are people who use up a lot of data on their cell phones. This is usually because they’re constantly streaming music or video, or downloading large files.

21. Dummies

A dummy is someone who is not very smart. This term is often used to describe people who can’t figure out how to use their cell phones properly.

22. Morons

It is another term for “dummies” which is used to describe people who are not very smart, and a great fun name for AirPods.

23. Dumbphones

Dumb phones are old-fashioned cell phones that can’t do much more than make calls and send text messages.

24. Early Adopters

Early adopters are people who are always the first to buy new technology. They’re usually the ones who end up regretting it later when the product turns out to be a dud.

25. Geeks

Geeks are people who are really into technology. They’re the ones who are always tinkering with their Airpods, trying to figure out how to make them work better.

26. Fandroids

Fandroids are people who prefer to use Android phones instead of iPhones. They’re usually the ones making fun of Apple fans for being ” sheeple “.

27. iPhone Zombies

iPhone zombies are people who are so addicted to their iPhones that they can’t go anywhere without them. This term is often used to describe people who are constantly on their phones, and it’s a great name for Airpods.  

28. Glassholes

Glassholes are people who wear Google Glass, a type of wearable computer. They’re usually the ones who get made fun of for walking around with a computer on their face.

29. Googlenistas

This is a great fun name for AirPods and it describes people who are really into Google products. They’re the ones who are always trying out the latest Google gadget, and they’re usually the first to buy a new Android phone.

30. Hipsters

Hipsters are people who are into all things “indie”. They’re usually the ones who were using Apple products before they were cool.

Funny Names For AirPods Ideas List

Funny Names For Airpods Ideas List
  1. Luddites
  2. Muggles
  3. Normies
  4. Job’s Minions
  5. Macheads
  6. Posters
  7. Smugglers
  8. Tech Junkies
  9. Textureless People
  10. The Borg
  11. Think Differently
  12. Tree Huggers
  13. Uber Nerds
  14. Windows Phobos
  15. WindowsBots
  16. Wizards
  17. Wozniak’s Minions
  18. Appleseeds
  19. Beats
  20. BleepBuds
  21. BlueTooth
  22. BoneConductingphones
  23. Bone Phones
  24. Chic Headphones
  25. Button Macs
  26. Call Pods
  27. CANcordlessphones
  28. Cannots
  29. Carpods
  30. CheapPods
  31. Chromebooks
  32. Clip-on
  33. CloudPods
  34. Cordless
  35. Crapple
  36. Datasets
  37. Airpodsie (or Airpodsy)
  38. Earbuds
  39. Earpods
  40. Fitzpatrick Scale
  41. FaceTime
  42. Fake Beats
  43. E-waste
  44. Electric Light Orchestra
  45. Boingers
  46. Brain Implants
  47. Buzzers
  48. ChatBots
  49. Graves’ Disease Headphones
  50. Grindr
  51. Hearables
  52. Holsters
  53. Ihones
  54. GunPods
  55. Fidget Spinner
  56. Laserbeams
  57. Looney Tunes
  58. Maggots
  59. Melodyne Headphones
  60. Neurotransmitter-releasing Earbuds
  61. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  62. Nutella
  63. Oculus Rift
  64. iPod Shuffle
  65. Plantronics Headsets
  66. Poisoned Apples
  67. Police Scanners
  68. Radio Shack Headphones
  69. Airpodsicles
  70. Robots
  71. Sennheiser Headsets
  72. Skullcandy Headphones
  73. SleepPhones
  74. Steve Job’s Headphones
  75. Suction Cups
  76. Super Mario Bros. Headphones
  77. Swiss Army Headsets
  78. The Beatles Headphones
  79. Third Eyes
  80. Thundercats Headphones
  81. Time Warner Cable Boxes
  82. Earbangers
  83. Tupac Shakur Headphones
  84. Walkie-talkies
  85. Zeppelin Headphones
  86. X-Men Headphones
  87. Podzillas
  88. Xbox Live Headsets
  89. Zune Headphones
  90. Airbiscuits
  91. Alien Probes
  92. Apollo Guidance Computer
  93. The Beatles: Rock Band
  94. Bionic Ears
  95. Bitstrips
  96. Blackberry Playbook
  97. Canalphones
  98. BoomBoxes
  99. Bose Headphones
  100. Brain Implants

Aesthetic Names for AirPods

AirPods have become a staple accessory for many, blending technology with style.

To add a personal touch, giving them unique and aesthetic names can elevate their identity beyond just being a gadget.

  1. SoundWhispers
  2. MelodyBuds
  3. EchoDrops
  4. WhisperPods
  5. RhythmBeans
  6. HarmonyHues
  7. SereneSounds
  8. MysticEars
  9. ZenTunes
  10. AuraEchos
  11. SonicPearls
  12. VibrantVibes
  13. CelestialChimes
  14. EtherEars
  15. TranquilTones
  16. AudioAura
  17. DreamBeats
  18. LunarListens
  19. StarrySounds
  20. NebulaNotes
  21. CosmicEars
  22. EnigmaEchoes
  23. SilentSymphony
  24. InfinityBeats
  25. HushHarmonics
  26. MysticMelodies
  27. SonicSerenity
  28. HarmonyHalo
  29. EchoEssence
  30. ZenithZephyrs

Funny Names For Fake AirPods

In the world of tech accessories, fake AirPods have carved out their own niche, often with a touch of humor in their design and marketing.

Giving them funny and playful names can highlight their quirky nature and the fun alternative they offer to the original.

  1. AirNots
  2. PodPretenders
  3. FauxPhones
  4. CopyCats
  5. ParodyPods
  6. MockBuds
  7. AlmostAir
  8. AirFaux
  9. CloneEars
  10. DoppelDots
  11. SillySounds
  12. PhonyPhonics
  13. PseudoPods
  14. JokeJams
  15. EchoImposters
  16. MimicMuffs
  17. NotQuiteNods
  18. QuasiQuavers
  19. DecoyDitties
  20. ShamShells
  21. BogusBeats
  22. CounterfeitChimes
  23. SnickerSpeakers
  24. GiggleGears
  25. KnockoffNotes
  26. JestJacks
  27. TrickTunes
  28. RiffRaffRadios
  29. SpoofSonic
  30. AirFibs

Funny Names For Girls AirPods

AirPods for girls often become more than just a tech accessory; they can be a fashion statement, a fun gadget, or even a conversation starter.

Giving them unique and funny names can reflect a sense of humor, personality, and style.

  1. GiggleBuds
  2. PrincessPlugs
  3. DivaDots
  4. SparkleSpeakers
  5. SassySounds
  6. ChicChimes
  7. GossipGears
  8. GlitterGadgets
  9. FashionPhones
  10. JollyJams
  11. PixiePods
  12. DazzleDubs
  13. GigglyGizmos
  14. BelleBeats
  15. HarmonyHoneys
  16. MelodyMavens
  17. WhisperWings
  18. GlamGears
  19. PoshPlays
  20. FabFrequencies
  21. QueenQuavers
  22. TrendyTunes
  23. SnazzySonics
  24. BlissBlasts
  25. ZanyZephyrs
  26. TwinkleTech
  27. FrolicFrequencies
  28. CutesyCords
  29. LivelyListeners
  30. DaintyDitties

Funny Names For Boys AirPods

AirPods for boys often become an extension of their playful and adventurous spirits. Naming them with a touch of humor can reflect their lively personalities and interests.

Here are over 30 original and funny names for boys’ AirPods, each one adding a bit of fun and character to this everyday gadget:

  1. DudeDots
  2. BroBuds
  3. JesterJams
  4. PranksterPods
  5. RebelRadios
  6. MaverickMics
  7. JockJingles
  8. TricksterTunes
  9. LadListeners
  10. WhizWhispers
  11. RascalRadios
  12. KnightKnocks
  13. GrittyGrooves
  14. RogueReceivers
  15. SportySonics
  16. NinjaNotes
  17. TurboTaps
  18. ZippyZounds
  19. AceAirs
  20. HeroHertz
  21. SnickerSpeaks
  22. DynamoDubs
  23. ExplorerEchos
  24. WhackyWaves
  25. SprinterSounds
  26. BanditBeats
  27. WittyWires
  28. QuestQuakes
  29. JokerJives
  30. WizardWhirls

Why Are Funny Names for Personalizing AirPods Gaining Popularity?

The rise in personalizing AirPods with funny names is more than just a trend; it’s a reflection of how technology is becoming an integral part of our personal expression.

But why exactly are these humorous monikers gaining such traction? Let’s dive into the reasons:

A Touch of Personality:

Just like a colorful phone case or a unique ringtone, a funny name for your AirPods adds a personal touch to your tech.

Analogy: Think of it like naming a pet; it gives your gadget a personality and makes it distinctly yours.

Rhetorical Question: Isn’t it more fun to say, “I need to charge my ‘Dancing Dolphins'” than just “I need to charge my AirPods”?

Breaking the Monotony:

In a world of standard-issue tech, a quirky name stands out.

Example: Imagine a group of friends comparing their AirPods: “The Giggle Gears” are likely to get more attention than plain old “John’s AirPods.”

Burstiness: Names like “Whispering Walruses” or “Bouncing Badgers” break the usual tech-talk, injecting fun into our daily routine.

Reflecting Individuality:

These names often mirror the owner’s personality or interests.

Familiar Phrase: “As unique as a fingerprint,” these names can be as diverse and colorful as the individuals choosing them.

Emotive Language: Each name is a canvas for creativity, showcasing the user’s wit, humor, or even favorite things.

Social Connectivity:

Funny names often spark conversations and connections.

Everyday Language: It’s a conversation starter, like wearing a quirky t-shirt that gets people talking.

Logical Progression: Sharing the story behind your AirPods’ name can be a playful way to engage with others.

The Fun Factor:

Ultimately, it’s about enjoyment.

Simple Language: Fun names make the mundane task of managing tech more enjoyable.

“The Joy of Personalization” – It’s about transforming a generic product into something that makes you smile every time you use it.


Every person has a different creative mind, so it is quite difficult to come up with one name that everyone will like. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

What do you think is the best funny name for Apple’s Airpods? Do you have a favorite that we didn’t include?

Let us know if you have any other suggestions in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out our other lists of funny names for things!

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