Funny Lamp Names (200+ Creative Ideas)

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Funny Lamp Names Ideas

Looking to light up your life with a laugh? From Blinky Booboo to Humor-Bright, we’ve got the brightest, funniest, and most illuminating lamp names that will spark joy and ignite giggles. Get ready to flick the switch on fun with our dazzling collection of lamp names that are anything but dim.

All Time Favourite Funny Lamp Names

Why Choosing the Right Lamp Names Can Enhance Your Interior Design

Identity and Branding:

Example: A lamp brand name like “Luminous Elegance” conveys sophistication.

Explanation: Choosing the right lamp names can create a strong identity for your product line, reflecting the style and quality of your lamps.

Personalization and Customization:

Question: Ever thought of giving a personalized touch to your living space?

Explanation: Names for lamp designs that include personal customization options can make a space feel unique and tailored to the individual.

Thematic Consistency:

Analogy: Just like a book title gives a hint of the story, lamp names can hint at the design theme.

Explanation: Selecting lamp names that align with a specific theme can create a cohesive look throughout a room or home.

Marketing and Appeal:

Emotive Language: Ignite your creativity with our “Artisan Glow” collection!

Explanation: Creative and appealing lamp names can attract customers and make the product more memorable.

Communication of Function and Style:

Simple Language: “Bedtime Bliss” could be a perfect name for a bedside lamp.

Explanation: The right lamp names can communicate the function and style of the lamp, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Enhancing Aesthetic Value:

Burstiness: From “Rustic Charm” to “Modern Chic,” lamp names can be as varied as the designs themselves.

Explanation: A well-chosen lamp name can add to the aesthetic value of the lamp, enhancing its appeal as a decorative piece.

By carefully selecting lamp names that resonate with the design, function, and appeal of the lamps, you can create a more engaging and cohesive interior design experience.

Funny Lamp Names (with Meaning)


This name is a play on words, combining the glow of a lamp with a giggle. It’s perfect for a lamp that adds a touch of humor to any room.

Shady Humorist:

A lamp with this name might be found in a comedian’s dressing room. It’s a nod to both the lamp’s function and the owner’s profession.


A whimsical name that conjures images of a noodle made of light. It’s a fun choice for a flexible, snake-like lamp that can twist into various shapes.

Bright Idea Bob:

This one’s for the thinkers out there! It’s a lamp that’s always ready to illuminate your next big idea, just like a trusty friend named Bob.

Gleam ‘n’ Chuckle:

A lamp with this name might be found in a child’s room, casting a gentle gleam and ready to share a bedtime chuckle.

Watt’s Up:

A clever pun on “What’s up?” this lamp name is a conversation starter, perfect for a living room or social space.

Shine-a-lot Sherlock:

Inspired by the famous detective, this lamp is for those who love to read mystery novels by its light.

Twinkle Toes Terry:

A playful name for a lamp in a dancer’s room, always ready to light up the dance floor.

Glimmering Guffaw:

This lamp’s name reflects its dual purpose: to provide light and laughter. It’s a great addition to a family game room.

Lampoon Light:

A satirical lamp for the writer or critic, always ready to shed light on the humor in everyday life.

Beacon of Banter:

This lamp is a gathering point for friends and family, illuminating lively conversations and good-natured banter.

Radiant Rick:

Named after a fictional character, this lamp is a dependable source of both light and comic relief.

Sunny Smirk:

A lamp with this name might be found in a sunroom, always ready to brighten your day with a sly smirk.

Gleeful Glare:

This lamp’s cheerful glow is perfect for those who love to find joy in the little things.

Witty Watterson:

A literary lamp for the readers, named in homage to a famous cartoonist, ready to inspire creativity.

Chuckle Charger:

This lamp charges up the room not only with light but also with laughter, perfect for a fun-loving household.

Glowing Gag:

A lamp with this name might be found in a comedian’s writing room, always ready to inspire the next great joke.

Bright-eyed Bill:

This lamp is like a wise old friend, always ready to share a story or a joke, illuminating both the room and the conversation.

Luminous Laughter Lucy:

A lamp that’s perfect for a cheerful kitchen, always ready to light up family meals with warmth and humor.

Twilight Titter:

This lamp’s soft glow is perfect for winding down at the end of the day, accompanied by a gentle titter of laughter.

These names not only describe the lamps but also tell a story, adding character and personality to each one. Whether it’s a playful pun or a thoughtful homage, each name offers a unique perspective on what a lamp can be.

Funny Lamp Names Ideas List

Funny Lamp Names Ideas List

Finding the perfect name for a lamp can be a delightful and illuminating experience. Whether you’re looking for lamp names that evoke a sense of whimsy or names for lamps that reflect a specific theme, creativity is key.

  • Blinky Booboo
  • Lampy Lumpkins
  • Incandescent Glow
  • The Illumineer
  • Lumen Nebula
  • The Glower
  • Flamingo Flicker
  • Lightwinged Orbiter
  • Starburst Sparkle
  • Glitterati Glow
  • Twinkle Twister
  • Guzzler Beacon
  • The Nightlife
  • The Luminaire
  • Hologram Orb
  • Fahrenheit Flicker
  • Disco Dot
  • Beaming Beacon
  • Light Quasar
  • Illuminoise Aurora
  • Radiant Ring
  • Unbelievable Glo
  • The Spotlight
  • The Magnificent Flicker
  • The Iridescent Glow
  • The Rainbow Shimmer
  • Glowtastic
  • Hypnotic Hue
  • Flickertron
  • The Electric Glo
  • The Lightning Flash
  • Dim Bulb
  • Mystic Glow
  • Glowing Radiance
  • Sparkling Shine
  • Bright Blaze
  • Mystic Shimmer
  • Glowing Mirage
  • Silver Sheen
  • Neon Sparkle
  • Mystic Fire 
  • Everlasting Glow
  • Glimmering Glint
  • Magical Sparkle
  • Neon Radiance

Creative Lamp Names 

Lamps are more than just sources of light; they are expressions of creativity and style. Choosing the right lamp names can transform an ordinary lighting fixture into a statement piece that reflects your personality or the theme of a room.

  • Star Shimmer
  • Glo Glare
  • Glow Wonder
  • Light Flicker
  • Cloud Glow
  • Starstream
  • Shadow Shimmer
  • Fire Flare
  • Lightscatter
  • Lumenfire
  • Glowglimmer
  • Radiance Rain
  • Spark Sparkle
  • Mystic Mirage
  • Soulshine
  • Starburst Shine
  • Halo Haven
  • Illuminight
  • Glimmerfall
  • Moonlight Mist
  • Star Glow
  • Radiant Rays
  • Flash Flare
  • Light Swirl
  • Mornbeam
  • Shadow Shine
  • Bright Bliss
  • Shadowdance
  • Eternal Eclipse
  • Brightfuse

Funny Lamp Brand Names

In the bustling marketplace of home decor, lamp brand names can be a beacon of creativity and humor. Selecting the right names for lamp collections can turn an ordinary product into an extraordinary conversation starter.

Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to launch a new line of lamps or a consumer seeking a customized lamp with name that adds a touch of whimsy to your home, the right name can truly make a difference.

  • Lighted Wit
  • Bright Sparkz
  • Illuminatingly Amusing
  • Riotous Rays
  • Glistening Guffaws 
  • Bright Chortle 
  • Shiny Shenanigans 
  • Brightly Entertained
  • Chuckle & Shine
  • Shimmery Chuckles
  • Bright Bling
  • Fun-Lit
  • Glittery Chuckles
  • Laughing Lights
  • Beaming Glee
  • Glee-Full Glow
  • Luminescent Laughs
  • Sparkling Chuckle 
  • Brightly Charmed
  • Amusing Lumens
  • Bright Brilliance
  • Glowing Grooves
  • Chortle & Shine
  • Beaming Beacons 
  • Illuminating Innuendos 
  • Brightly Chuckles
  • Shimmering Chuckles
  • Illuminating Smiles
  • Brighten Ya Mood
  • Humor-Bright

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