Funny Kobold Names (250+ Ideas)

Funny Kobold Names

You’ve got this incredible, sneaky little creature, scales and all, but what do you call them? “Bob the Kobold” doesn’t have that zing. Trust me, I’ve been there. Rolled up this fantastic Kobold rogue for a D&D campaign and got stuck at the name.

It’s like naming a pet; you want something that captures their essence but also makes people chuckle. So, why do Kobold names matter? Well, a name can set the tone for your entire character.

Go too serious, and you might miss out on the fun quirks that make Kobolds so endearing. Too silly, and you risk not being taken seriously when sneaking into the enemy’s lair. It’s a fine line, my friends.

Funny Kobold Names Favorite List

Where Can You Find Real-Life Inspirations for Funny Kobold Names?

Pop Culture References

So, you’re a fan of movies, TV shows, or even memes, right? Ever thought about how these could be a treasure trove for Kobold names? Think about it. Characters and catchphrases from your favorite shows can offer a comedic twist to your Kobold’s identity. Why not tap into that?

Historical Figures

Is history boring? Think again! Ever considered naming your Kobold after a historical figure but with a funny twist? It’s like naming your cat “Furr-dinand Magellan.” See what I did there? It’s unexpected, and that’s what makes it funny.

Literature and Mythology

You might think classic literature and mythology are all about serious names like “Odysseus” or “Hamlet.” But what if you took those names and Kobold-ified them? It’s like taking a Shakespearean character and putting them in a comedy skit. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Everyday Objects

Ever looked at a toaster and thought, “That’d be a hilarious name for a Kobold”? No? Well, maybe you should. Everyday objects can offer a quirky angle that no one sees coming. It’s the surprise factor that gets the laughs.

Personal Experiences

Remember that awkward moment when you tripped in public? What if your Kobold was named after that experience? Personal anecdotes can offer a unique and relatable touch. It’s like your Kobold is a mini-comedian, retelling your funniest life moments.

Funny Kobold Names (with Meaning)

Sneaky McSneakface

You know those names that are so on-the-nose, they’re actually funny? That’s Sneaky McSneakface for you. It’s like calling a tall guy “Shorty”; the irony is what makes it hilarious. Who wouldn’t chuckle when hearing this name in a serious campaign setting?


Ever thought about blending your Kobold with pop culture? Scaleyonce is a nod to the iconic Beyoncé, but with a reptilian twist. Imagine your Kobold doing the “Single Ladies” dance. Funny, right?


What’s in a name? Well, if your Kobold is a trap expert, Trapmeister says it all. It’s like calling a chef “Cookalot”—it’s descriptive but with a dash of humor. Wouldn’t you be curious to see what traps this Kobold sets up?


Is it a Goblin? Is it a Kobold? It’s Goblintwin! This name plays on the confusion between the two races, and that’s what makes it funny. It’s like naming your dog “Kitty”—it’s all about the unexpected.


Who says Kobolds can’t be poetic? Scalespeare is a whimsical take on the great Shakespeare, but for a Kobold. Imagine this Kobold reciting soliloquies while setting traps. Intriguing, isn’t it?


Why SnickerScale? Because this Kobold is as amusing as a snicker, and it’s got scales. Simple, yet effective. It’s like calling a funny friend “GiggleBox.” You know you’re in for a good time with this one.


Who says all Kobold names have to be masculine or neutral? Clawdia adds a feminine touch with a pun on “claw.” It’s like naming a female pirate “Anne Bonny”—it’s both fitting and amusing.


Ever met a Kobold who’s a bit, well, stinky? StinkSpike embraces that quality and turns it into a name to remember. It’s like calling a smelly cheese “Fragrant Delight”—the irony is delicious.


Kobolds and treasure, am I right? BlingClaw is all about that shiny loot. It’s like calling a gold-digger “CashLove.” You know exactly what this Kobold is after, and it’s hilarious.


PuffSneak sounds cute and harmless, but watch out! This Kobold is as sneaky as they come. It’s like calling a big, burly guy “Tiny.” The contrast is what makes it funny.


Ever seen a Kobold run so fast, it’s like they have wings? ScaleSwift captures that essence. It’s like calling a fast runner “Flash”—it’s descriptive and amusing at the same time.


Who says Kobolds can’t swim? WobbleFin is your aquatic, slightly clumsy Kobold. Imagine this one trying to navigate a boat. Comedy gold, right?


Why is this Kobold always grinning? That’s the mystery of GrinHide. It’s like calling a secretive person “OpenBook.” The name itself becomes a story.


Don’t underestimate NibbleFang; those small bites add up! It’s like calling a small but feisty person “Sparrow.” The name is both cute and intimidating, a combo that’s hard to resist.


Every group has its oddball, and QuirkScale is that Kobold for you. It’s like calling your quirky friend “Weirdo,” but in the most endearing way possible.


What’s ZanyTail going to do next? Who knows! The name captures the unpredictable nature of Kobolds. It’s like calling a wild card “RandomAct”—you’re always in for a surprise.


Why so serious? ChucklClaw is here to lighten the mood. Imagine this Kobold cracking jokes while dodging arrows. It’s like having a comedian in the middle of a battlefield.


Who says stealing can’t be an art form? Lootzart is your Kobold with a flair for the dramatic heist. It’s like calling a skilled thief “Picpocketso”—it’s all about the finesse.


Ever met a Kobold who’s always in a good mood? That’s GleeSpike for you. It’s like calling an optimist “Sunshine”—the name says it all.


Last but not least, MirthScale is all about spreading joy and laughter. Imagine this Kobold juggling fire while telling jokes. It’s like having your own personal jester.

Funny Kobold Names Ideas List

Funny Kobold Names Ideas List

Naming your Kobold character can be a daunting task. You want something that captures their mischievous spirit, their cunning ways, and of course, their sense of humor. But fret not! This list is your one-stop-shop for Kobold names that are not only funny but also memorable.

  1. Sneaky McSneakface
  2. Scaleyonce
  3. Trapmeister
  4. Goblintwin
  5. Scalespeare
  6. Snicker Scale
  7. Clawdia
  8. StinkSpike
  9. BlingClaw
  10. Puff Sneak
  11. ScaleSwift
  12. WobbleFin
  13. GrinHide
  14. NibbleFang
  15. QuirkScale
  16. ZanyTail
  17. Chuckl Claw
  18. Lootzart
  19. Glee Spike
  20. MirthScale
  21. GiggleSnout
  22. JesterFin
  23. Quip Claw
  24. Jest Spike
  25. PrankTail
  26. SnortScale
  27. Wisecrack Fang
  28. Guffaw Claw
  29. TeeHeeTail
  30. Snarf Spike
  31. Chortle Fin
  32. Snigger Snout
  33. TitterFang
  34. CackleClaw
  35. ChuckleFin
  36. Snicker Snout
  37. GrinFang
  38. SmirkScale
  39. Giggle Claw
  40. SnortSpike
  41. SmirkSnout
  42. SnickerFin
  43. Guffaw Tail
  44. TeeHee Fang
  45. JestSnout
  46. Wisecrack Tail
  47. Quip Fang
  48. PrankClaw
  49. JesterScale
  50. GiggleSpike

Cute Kobold Names

After all, who can resist a Kobold with a cute name? It’s like naming a fierce Rottweiler “Fluffy”—the contrast between appearance and name can be endearing and memorable.

If you’re looking to add a touch of sweetness to your campaign or just want a name that makes everyone go “aww,” these cute Kobold names are sure to hit the mark.

  1. SparkleScales
  2. Pawsy
  3. Snuggle Fang
  4. TumbleTail
  5. CuddleClaw
  6. Wiggles
  7. Nuzzle Spike
  8. FluffScale
  9. Glimmer Fin
  10. Dinky
  11. SqueeTail
  12. PuffPaws
  13. WhiskerNose
  14. PebbleFoot
  15. HoneyHide
  16. Bubble Snout
  17. TwinkleEye
  18. FuzzyFang
  19. SnickerPaws
  20. GigglyFin
  21. Tootsie
  22. ButterScales
  23. DoodleClaw
  24. Squishy
  25. Niblet
  26. BumbleSnout
  27. JingleSpike
  28. PuddleFoot
  29. SprinkleEye
  30. TinkerPaws
  31. SnuggleWart
  32. WobbleNose
  33. Coozie
  34. TickleFin
  35. DandyTail
  36. Smoochy
  37. Pipsqueak
  38. SniffleNose
  39. CuddleBug
  40. SwoonScales
  41. DimpleClaw
  42. SnugTail
  43. Winky
  44. PuddingFoot
  45. LollyFang
  46. Goober
  47. MuffinHide
  48. TootlePaws
  49. SquirtEye
  50. FuddleWart

Cool Kobold Names

Want your Kobold to exude an aura of coolness that leaves everyone in awe? You’re in the right place. From the suave and sophisticated to the edgy and mysterious, these names are designed to make your Kobold the epitome of cool.

  1. ShadowFang
  2. FrostSpike
  3. BlazeClaw
  4. IronScale
  5. NightWhisper
  6. StormTail
  7. ThunderFin
  8. SilverEye
  9. GhostFang
  10. EmberSnout
  11. QuartzClaw
  12. MoonShade
  13. WindSlicer
  14. DarkMirth
  15. FlameWing
  16. SteelHide
  17. Swift Strike
  18. Ice Maw
  19. SkyGaze
  20. StoneHeart
  21. MistFur
  22. Sun Flare
  23. VoidSnarl
  24. WraithSkin
  25. LavaPaw
  26. OceanRoar
  27. Gale Force
  28. StarGlint
  29. Ashen Mane
  30. BoltSnap
  31. Dusk Howl
  32. JadeFang
  33. Vortex Swoop
  34. PyroPlume
  35. FrostBite
  36. Zenith Peak
  37. OnyxSoul
  38. SolarFlame
  39. AbyssGaze
  40. Tempest Roar
  41. CrimsonTalon
  42. Nova Burst
  43. Thunder Maw
  44. QuakeFoot
  45. ShatterSpike
  46. EtherBreath
  47. RazorFin
  48. Cosmic Shine
  49. Inferno Snarl
  50. Nebula Wisp