Funny Greek Names (200+ Unique Ideas)

Funny Greek Names

Get ready to chuckle your way through a collection of the most hilarious Greek names you’ve never heard before! Think Greek names are all about heroes and mythology?

Think again! We’ve scoured the sun-kissed streets of Athens and beyond to bring you a list that’s bursting with humor.

From names that’ll make you do a double-take to those that sound unbelievably quirky, our selection promises a barrel of laughs.

This isn’t your typical roll call of ancient legends. It’s a lighthearted journey into the funnier side of Greek culture, where names can be as playful as the people.

Prepare to be entertained, surprised, and, most of all, amused by these wonderfully whimsical Greek names

Funny Greek Names Favorite List

Where Can We Find Funny Greek Names in Popular Culture?

Blockbuster Hits and Greek Comedy:

Ever watched a movie where a Greek character’s name becomes a running joke? Think of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and the playful jabs at lengthy, tongue-twisting names.

How often have we tried, and failed, to pronounce them correctly in one go?

The Animated Sphere:

Remember the playful Greek characters from animated movies? Ever wondered why Hercules’ best pal wasn’t named something simple, but Philoctetes?

It’s catchy, sure, but isn’t it just the tiniest bit chucklesome, especially when shortened to “Phil”?

Literature and the Quirky Greek Protagonist:

Ever dived into a book and found yourself laughing out loud at a Greek character’s name? How many authors subtly insert humor into Greek character names to add a touch of levity?

Can’t think of any? Maybe it’s time to explore your bookshelf a bit more.

TV Comedies and Greek Families:

Sitcoms love a good laugh, and what better than a Greek family setting? Remember that one episode with the Greek uncle named something outlandishly long?

Doesn’t it make for a perfect comedy element, watching non-Greek characters trip over those syllables?

Celebrity Parodies and Talk Shows:

Haven’t we all had a good chuckle when late-night show hosts poke fun at, or playfully mimic, celebrities with Greek origins?

Think about it: isn’t there something inherently fun in watching them navigate those “complex” Greek names?

Funny Greek Names (with Meaning)

Greece, a land of ancient history, myth, and philosophy, is also home to a plethora of names that can tickle our funny bones.

These names, steeped in tradition and often linked to the country’s storied past, can sound quirky, especially to non-Greek ears. Let’s dive into 20 such names and their fascinating backstories.


Rooted in the Greek word for “love”, this name can surely be a source of amusement when someone introduces themselves as “Love”.


Meaning “well-built” or “stable”, this name can evoke chuckles when imagining someone being named after a sturdy structure.


A name meaning “lover of song”, it’s amusing to think of someone being named after their penchant for crooning or simply their love for music.


Translating to “most beautiful”, it’s endearing (and humorous) to consider someone named “The Most Beautiful One”.


Originating from the Greek word for “sea”, this name paints a picture of someone deeply connected to the ocean—perhaps a mermaid in disguise?


Meaning “gift of God”, imagine introducing yourself as the divine gift every time you meet someone new!


Stemming from the word for “heavenly”, it’s delightfully ironic when someone with this name is scared of heights.


Meaning “cross”, it’s humorous to think of someone named after the structure rather than the religious symbol.


This name means “without silver”. Imagine the jest when someone named “without money” picks up the tab!


A name meaning “salvation”, it’d be amusing if someone with this name was notoriously bad at giving directions.


Meaning “bringer of victory”, it’s amusing to think this person might be called upon every time there’s a challenge or a board game.


Translates to “golden flower”. A comical image arises when thinking of someone blossoming gold in a garden.


Derived from “all holy”, it’s quite the jest when someone with this saintly name gets caught pulling a prank.


Meaning “yellow” or “blonde”, it can be a quirky identifier, especially if the person has raven-black hair!


Originating from the word for the “west wind”, it’s entertaining to think of someone being named after a gentle breeze.


Translating to “freedom”, one can’t help but smile at the thought of this person always seeking the next adventure.


A name meaning “to blossom” or “flourish”, it’s whimsically poetic for someone always in their spring, regardless of the season.


Rooted in the word for “kiss”, imagine the giggles when someone introduces themselves as the embodiment of a smooch.


Meaning “gift of Isis”, it’s playfully ironic for someone who might not even know who the goddess Isis is!


Stemming from the word for “grace” or “kindness”, it’s amusingly paradoxical if this person is known for their clumsy antics.

Funny Greek Names Ideas List

Funny Greek Names Ideas List

Greek names, deeply rooted in history and mythology, often resonate with profound meanings.

However, when perceived through the lens of another language or culture, some of these names might evoke a chuckle or a bemused smile.

Let’s explore a list of over 30 such Greek names that tickle the funny bone:

  1. Anastasios
  2. Fotini
  3. Parthenope
  4. Thrasymachus
  5. Eulampios
  6. Theophania
  7. Polyxeni
  8. Euphrosyne
  9. Iphigenia
  10. Dionysios
  11. Euterpe
  12. Cleopatra
  13. Polydoros
  14. Tryphosa
  15. Eurydice
  16. Calliope
  17. Hippolytos
  18. Phaedra
  19. Pyrrhus
  20. Lysistrata
  21. Telemachus
  22. Myrrine
  23. Cleon
  24. Euodia
  25. Nereus
  26. Persephone
  27. Andromache
  28. Cleisthenes
  29. Hypatia
  30. Pythagoras
  31. Theodosia
  32. Archimedes
  33. Philoctetes

Creative Greek Names

Greek names have a certain rhythm and resonance to them. Often rooted in mythology, nature, or virtues, they carry the weight of history while sounding incredibly poetic.

Here are over 30 creative Greek names to inspire and intrigue:

  1. Andromeda
  2. Calix
  3. Daphne
  4. Eros
  5. Persephone
  6. Icarus
  7. Lyra
  8. Orion
  9. Selene
  10. Adonis
  11. Calliope
  12. Dionysius
  13. Eirene
  14. Phaedra
  15. Lysander
  16. Nyx
  17. Orestes
  18. Pyrrhus
  19. Theia
  20. Clio
  21. Demetrius
  22. Elara
  23. Phaeton
  24. Io
  25. Leander
  26. Naiad
  27. Odysseus
  28. Pallas
  29. Thalassa
  30. Castor
  31. Evadne
  32. Helios
  33. Melaina
  34. Nestor
  35. Oenone

Funny Male Greek Names

Greek culture, known for its mythological tales and epic narratives, also houses an array of names that have a ring of mischief to the non-native ear.

Here’s a list of over 30 amusing male Greek names to satiate your curiosity:

  1. Alexandros
  2. Basileios
  3. Chrysanthos
  4. Dionysios
  5. Efthimios
  6. Filippos
  7. Gregorios
  8. Haralambos
  9. Ilias
  10. Kostas
  11. Lysandros
  12. Miltiades
  13. Nestor
  14. Odysseas
  15. Panteleimon
  16. Quintinos
  17. Rastus
  18. Spyridon
  19. Theodoros
  20. Ulysses
  21. Vangelis
  22. Xenon
  23. Yanni
  24. Zinon
  25. Phoebus
  26. Cleon
  27. Dinos
  28. Evangelos
  29. Hypatios
  30. Kyrillos
  31. Leandros
  32. Menelaos
  33. Nereus

Funny Female Greek Names

Greek names for females often reflect beauty, nature, and mythology. Yet, to ears unfamiliar with the Greek language, some of these names might come across as amusing or out-of-the-ordinary.

Dive into this collection of 30+ whimsically charming Greek names for females:

  1. Antheia
  2. Calliope
  3. Dione
  4. Eirene
  5. Thalassa
  6. Galene
  7. Hestia
  8. Ione
  9. Klytie
  10. Lyra
  11. Melpomene
  12. Nyx
  13. Ophira
  14. Psyche
  15. Rhea
  16. Selene
  17. Thisbe
  18. Urania
  19. Vasiliki
  20. Xylia
  21. Yanni
  22. Zenais
  23. Philomena
  24. Chloris
  25. Daphne
  26. Eudora
  27. Glykeria
  28. Hyacinth
  29. Ismene
  30. Kleio
  31. Lysandra
  32. Myrto
  33. Nefeli
  34. Oinone