Funny Goblin Names (200+ Unique Ideas)

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Funny Goblin Names

Get ready to crack a smile and maybe even a giggle with our list of hilarious goblin names that are a perfect blend of mischief and whimsy.

These little critters are known for their cheeky antics, and their names are no different.

From the sneakiest goblin in the cave to the one who can’t help but trip over his own feet, we’ve got a name for each of them that’s as quirky as their personalities.

So, if you’re looking to spice up your fantasy world or just need a good chuckle, our collection is the secret ingredient you’ve been searching for.

Let the chuckles begin and the fun roll! 🤣✨👹

Our Favorite Funny Goblin Names Favorite List

Why Does Fun Matter in the Origins of Goblin Lore?

Not Just Grunts and Growls

Have you ever stopped to think why goblins, unlike dragons or giants, are often pictured with a cheeky grin or involved in some mischievous act? It’s because humor is part of their essence.

Example: Picture a classic fairy tale. When dragons hoard gold, they’re fierce. When a goblin steals a trinket, it’s often with a comical trip or a failed attempt first. That’s the humor in play!

Laughter Behind the Lore

Historical tales and myths weren’t just for entertainment; they were lessons. So why did storytellers choose to make goblins funny?

Analogy: Think of goblins as the jesters of the mythical world. Just as jesters made kings laugh while pointing out follies, goblins, through their antics, taught lessons on greed, mischief, and consequences in a lighter, more digestible manner.

Everyday Mischief Reflects Everyday Life

Goblins weren’t always about grand tales and massive adventures. They were about the small troubles, the kind we face in our daily lives.

Doesn’t it make sense to add a sprinkle of humor to these smaller, relatable stories?

Rhetorical Question: If you lost a sock, would you rather blame it on a terrifying monster or a giggling goblin who just thought it’d make a fun hat?

Keeping Things Lighthearted in Dark Times

Ancient societies had their fair share of troubles. Goblins, with their mischievous nature, served as a refreshing comic relief amidst tales of fierce creatures and looming disasters.

Example: During cold, dark winters, fireside stories were common. Imagine ending a day with a chuckle instead of a shiver, thanks to a goblin’s tale.

A Universal Language

Emotive, funny tales resonate universally. Goblins, being creatures of chaos and charm, were tools used by storytellers to capture attention and impart wisdom.

Everyday Phrase: “Laughter is the best medicine.” Goblins, with their quirks, proved this true in folklore, bridging gaps between generations and teaching while tickling the funny bone.

Funny Goblin Names (with Meaning)

Goblins, often associated with mischief and chaos, have a deep-rooted history in folklore. Their antics, quirks, and personality traits make them ideal subjects for names that evoke humor and creativity.

1. SnickerSneak

Drawing inspiration from the quiet yet mischievous nature of goblins, SnickerSneak is one who would giggle softly while tiptoeing around. You can imagine him causing a tiny ruckus, then hiding behind a barrel, barely containing his snickers.

2. Toefuzzle

Ever lost a sock or two? Toefuzzle might be the culprit. This goblin finds humor in fiddling with adventurers’ footwear, leaving them puzzled about their mismatched shoes.

3. Grubgrumble

A peculiar goblin with an insatiable appetite, Grubgrumble always seems to be both munching on something and complaining about it. His belly rumbles are almost as loud as his grumbles.

4. Blipblop

With a penchant for jumping into puddles and making sounds akin to water droplets, Blipblop earned his name. He’s a wet mischief-maker, always splashing around.

5. WhiskerTwist

Known for his distinct facial hair, WhiskerTwist has a pair of spiraled mustaches. He’s always seen twirling them, planning his next prank.

6. ChuckleChin

A jovial goblin who laughs at everything – from grand jokes to his own blunders. His chuckles can be recognized from a mile away, and they resonate from his chin upwards.

7. TumbleTuff

Despite his short stature and clumsy ways, TumbleTuff takes pride in his unintentional acrobatics. After every unintended somersault, he stands tall, pretending it was all planned.

8. Boggle Boots

This goblin wears an oversized pair of boots which always trip him up. However, he adores them so much that he refuses to switch, creating amusing sights wherever he goes.

9. Glimmer Grin

A fan of shiny trinkets, GlimmerGrin has a mouth full of golden teeth. When he smiles, you can’t help but be blinded by the glint and enamored by his glee.

10. FlapFlop

With ears that are far too big for his head, FlapFlop can often be found hovering momentarily when he jumps. It’s a sight to see when those ears start flapping!

11. Noodle Nose

A goblin with an unusually long, noodle-like nose. It wiggles amusingly when he talks, and he often uses it to play pranks, mimicking animals or even tripwires.

12. Wiggle Warts

His green, warty skin isn’t just for show. WiggleWarts can make his warts dance in rhythm, turning heads and eliciting laughter from onlookers.

13. Jingle Jangle

Always adorned with bells and chimes, JingleJangle’s presence is always announced with melodic chaos. He loves the sound and enjoys the distraction it provides during his escapades.

14. Mumble Muff

Soft-spoken and always wrapped in multiple layers of clothes, MumbleMuff’s words are as muffled as his appearance suggests. Deciphering his words becomes a fun game for those around him.

15. Tinker Tank

A self-proclaimed inventor, TinkerTank’s gadgets seldom work as intended. Instead of useful tools, they often end up as sources of slapstick comedy.

16. Bubble Belly

Consuming copious amounts of fizzy beverages, BubbleBelly has a perpetually bloated belly. The burps and subsequent giggles that follow are a trademark of his presence.

17. Sizzle Sock

Always getting into places he shouldn’t, SizzleSock once stepped into a sorcerer’s spell circle and now has perpetually smoking feet. It’s quite a sight – and smell – when he’s on the move.

18. Quiver Quiff

Sporting a hair tuft that vibrates with his emotions, QuiverQuiff wears his heart on his head. Excitement, fear, curiosity – his quiff gives it all away.

19. Rumble Ridge

Hailing from the mountainous terrains, RumbleRidge has a knack for inadvertently causing miniature landslides and rockfalls, followed by an embarrassed shrug.

20. Doodle Dum

An artistic goblin at heart, DoodleDum carries chalk and loves scribbling all over caves and camps. While his art might not be a masterpiece, it’s the thought and humor that counts.

Funny Goblin Names Ideas List

Funny Goblin Names Ideas List

In the vast world of fantasy, goblins stand out for their mischievous antics and quirky personalities.

Their names, a reflection of their unique charm, often evoke giggles and smirks. Dive into this collection of funny goblin names that are sure to tickle your fantasy-loving funny bone.

  1. Muddle Moot
  2. Gobble Grook
  3. Fiddle Faddle
  4. Shimmer Shank
  5. Nudge Nibble
  6. Wobble Wick
  7. Grizzle Grip
  8. Tootle Toes
  9. Puddle Peek
  10. Zizzle Zest
  11. CrumbleCreek
  12. GiggleGroove
  13. Fumble Furrow
  14. Drizzle Drum
  15. Noodle Nook
  16. Bumble Bark
  17. TickleTock
  18. Squiggle Squat
  19. Dribble Drench
  20. Twiddle Tweak
  21. JumbleJook
  22. SnuffleSnoot
  23. Whobble Whisk
  24. Riddle Ripple
  25. Dazzle Dusk
  26. Fuddle Funk
  27. MizzleMuzzle
  28. BezzleBounce
  29. Goggle Gawk
  30. Pizzle Plunk
  31. Tumble Twig
  32. Frizzle Freak
  33. Shuffle Shank
  34. Huddle Hulk
  35. Giggle Gurgle

Famous Goblin Names

Goblins have always held a significant place in folklore, tales, and pop culture. Their distinctive characteristics, ranging from mischief to malevolence, make them unforgettable figures.

Here’s a compilation of some of the most renowned goblin names from various narratives and platforms:

  1. Gringott
  2. Grobnar
  3. Gollum
  4. Nott
  5. Nosnra
  6. Skarsnik
  7. Griphook
  8. Glimfeather
  9. Hobgob
  10. Drool
  11. Knotfist
  12. Sparkspindle
  13. Grobthok
  14. Nibsnag
  15. Blibdoolpoolp
  16. Mungo
  17. Stiltskin
  18. Grabthar
  19. Gribble
  20. Shiftygelt
  21. Drobbit
  22. Fiddlestix
  23. Klagg
  24. Poblink
  25. Brokentooth
  26. Muddleflop
  27. Gobbla
  28. Sproggit
  29. Wobblegruff
  30. Glipglop
  31. Thimblerig

Funny Female Goblin Names

Meet goblins’ female counterparts, who take mischief to a new level with their charming quirks and hilarious names.

Here’s a list of over 30 funny goblin names tailored for our lively goblinettes.

  1. TizzyTwirl
  2. GlimGlam
  3. BubblyBoo
  4. LippyLulu
  5. GiggleGlow
  6. TasselToe
  7. Wobble Wisp
  8. Fizzy Fay
  9. Mumble Muse
  10. GlitterGrub
  11. SassySnook
  12. PoutyPip
  13. FluffyFlick
  14. SparkleSpook
  15. HiccupHolly
  16. WhimsyWrinkle
  17. NibbleNix
  18. TwinkleTuff
  19. SillySyl
  20. GobbleGlee
  21. RuffleRune
  22. Dainty Drip
  23. Jiggy Jewel
  24. Prickle Pru
  25. Giddy Gaze
  26. MuddleMint
  27. TickleTwig
  28. Bouncy Belle
  29. Squiggle Squeak
  30. Fuddle Fae
  31. Zippy Zara
  32. Dizzy Dot
  33. Wiggly Wendy
  34. Puff Pickle
  35. Tootsy Tango

Funny Male Goblin Names

These pint-sized creatures, with their mischievous antics and unique personalities, are often the comic relief in many tales.

For male goblins, their names reflect a mix of humor, whimsy, and character traits that set them apart in the fantasy realm.

Here are over 30 funny male goblin names to tickle your fantasy funny bone:

  1. Grizzle Grit
  2. Toot Tumble
  3. Fizzle Fist
  4. Muff Muddle
  5. Blink Blonk
  6. Snort Snaggle
  7. Prickle Poke
  8. Clatter Clank
  9. Whiffle Whop
  10. Bumble Brisk
  11. Fluster Flink
  12. Grizzle Groove
  13. Skittle Skulk
  14. NoodleNib
  15. Chuck Clunk
  16. Fumble Fringe
  17. Piddle Plop
  18. Toggle Tangle
  19. Wobble Wick
  20. Gobble Gawk
  21. Scuffle Scamp
  22. WhiskWobble
  23. Stumble Stash
  24. Jumble Jolt
  25. Bristle Breech
  26. Muddle Munch
  27. Dribble Drab
  28. Gaggle Gruff
  29. Puddle Plunk
  30. Skedaddle Scritch
  31. Bezzle Bop
  32. Thumble Thwack
  33. Giggle Gorge
  34. Squiggle Squat

Cute Goblin Names

Goblins, often painted as mischievous tricksters, have a side that’s less spoken about their undeniable cuteness!

Whether it’s their tiny antics, endearing features, or simply their quirky nature, there’s a charm that’s hard to resist.

Here’s a curated list of over 30 cute goblin names to melt your heart:

  1. PuddlePaws
  2. TwinkleToes
  3. GigglyGum
  4. LollyLump
  5. ButterBlink
  6. FizzleFuzz
  7. PebblePip
  8. SparkleSpur
  9. PuffyPickle
  10. JollyJig
  11. DimpleDot
  12. NibbleNook
  13. SqueeSprout
  14. CuddleCreek
  15. WobbleWish
  16. TootleTuff
  17. FluffyFlick
  18. SquiggleSquash
  19. BubbleBounce
  20. FidgetFluff
  21. PoppetPlop
  22. LullabyLug
  23. HoneyHobble
  24. RumbleRoo
  25. TickleTwig
  26. SnuggleSnout
  27. PitterPatch
  28. MuffinMunch
  29. GobbleGlee
  30. DandyDrip
  31. WigglyWhisk
  32. BumbleBoo
  33. CherryChirp

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