Funny Escape Room Names Unlocked (150+ Puzzle Puns)

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Escape rooms are an exciting way to challenge your mind and have fun with friends and family. One important aspect of any escape room experience is the name of the room itself. A funny and creative name can help set the tone for the adventure ahead and add to the overall enjoyment of the experience. 

Funny Escape Room Names

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best and most humorous escape room names, from puns to pop culture references and explain how they contribute to the overall theme and experience of the game.

Funny Escape Room Names

1. Baffled Escape

This amusing escape room invites participants to take on the challenge of getting out of an elaborate maze of confounding puzzles! With a wide variety of puzzling clues and mind-boggling obstacles, this room promises an entertaining experience that will leave you feeling completely baffled. 

2. Lost in Wonderland

Step into a magical world of mystery and mayhem in this whimsical escape room! Completely surround yourself in a world of surrealism and surprise as you wander through a maze of fantastical puzzles to find the way out. With plenty of weird and wonderful surprises, this room is sure to bring out the inner adventurer!

3. Puzzling Prankster

Make your way through a series of tricky puzzles and confounding conundrums to break free from the Puzzling Prankster. A mix of good humor, wit, and a little bit of luck will be needed to solve this entertaining escape room and outwit the pesky prankster!

4. You’re Not Gonna Get Outta This Jam

This escape room is sure to leave you in a sticky situation! You’ll be needing your wits and a few extra clues to make a break for freedom and outlast this jam-packed adventure.

5. Locked in a Pickle

If you think you can solve this pickle, you’d better pick up the pace and think fast! You’ve only got an hour to wriggle your way out of this one, so get your thinking cap on and figure out how to escape!

 6. Unlock the Mystery

With this escape room, you’ll be challenged to unravel the secrets of an unknown universe while escaping the clutches of an unknown captor. No matter how implausible the clues may seem, your sharp mind and determination just might be the key to success in this thrilling adventure!

7. Uninvited Dinner Guest

This escape room promises a night of suspense and comedy as you and your team try to make a daring escape from a dinner party gone wrong! You’ll have to solve puzzles, outwit the other guests, and beat the clock if you want to make it out alive.

8. Abracadabra

It’s time to test your magical skills in this hilarious escape room! Follow the clues and cast spells to unlock the mysterious door and find your way out. Gather your wands and get ready to have a magically fun time as you use your skills to break free!

9. Key to the Future

When it’s time to travel through time and space with this whimsical escape room! Unlock the door by finding the right keys and solving the clues to break free. With some creative problem-solving, you’ll be able to make your way out of this time-warping experience and have a blast while doing it.

10. Museum of Mischief

Get ready for a wild ride through this museum of mayhem! In this escape game, you and your team must solve puzzles and outsmart the museum’s security guards if you want to make it out with the priceless artifacts still in hand.

Funny Escape Room Names

1. Prisoner’s Plight of Giddiness

2. Break Out of the Norm 

3. The Jailbreak Challenge 

4. Mission: Possible Escape 

5. Catch Me If You Can 

6. Who Stole the Cookie Jar? 

7. Mystery Mansion Mayhem 

8. Out of Bounds 

9. Keys to Freedom 

10. Escape from Alcatraz 

11. The No-Way-Out Room 

12. Locked Up for Good 

13. The Locked Library 

14. Get Out of Dodge 

15. The Labyrinth of Lost Souls 

16. The Great Maze Escape 

17. A Room with a Clue 

18. Dead Man’s Chest 

19. Outta Here! 

20. Clue Cracker 

21. The Room of Riddles 

22. Maze of Mirth

23. Wicked Witch’s Lair 

24. Outwit the Clock 

25. The Haunted Hallway 

26. Into Thin Air 

27. Puzzle Palace 

28. The Getaway 

29. Brain Drain 

30. Out of the Prankatorium

Funny Team Names For Escape Rooms

1. The Great Escapists

2. Brazen Escapadists

3. Escape from Alcatraz

4. Mystery Monkeys

5. Crackpot Coders 

6. Puzzle Pros

7. The Lockmasters

8. Clue Crusaders

9. Room Raiders

10. Puzzle Pirates

11. Escape Squad 

12. Time Bandits 

13. The Trappists 

14. Escape Artists

15. Unlocked and Unhinged 

16. Escape Ninjas

17. The Puzzle Plumbers

18. Clue Climbers

19. Mission Unescapable

20. Room Wranglers

21. Trapped and Talented 

22. Clue Crusaders 

23. The Lock Busters

24. Mystery Makers

25. Masterminds of the Escape

26. Lockdown Lovers

27. Secret Seekers

28. Escape Enthusiasts

29. The Lock Crushers

30. Brainstormers

Christmas Escape Room Team Names

1. Grinch’s Secret Santas

2. Santa’s Reindeer Rescue

3.  The Frozen Few

4. North Pole Express

5. Christmas Sleuths

6. Gingerbread Gangsters

7. Nutcracker’s Tip Toes

8. Wrapping Wreckers

9.  North Pole Navigators

10. Gingerbread House Escape

11. Jingle Bell Jammers

12. The Yule Loggers

13. Frosty Friends

14. Holiday Escape Artists

15. Christmas Cabin Crushers

16. Mistletoe Missionaries

17. Rudolph’s Red-Nosed Raiders

18.  Reindeer Relay Team

19. The Sleigh Bell Stalkers

20. The Holiday Huntmasters

21. Elves’ Workshop Adventure

22. Holiday Heisters

23. Stocking Stuffers

24. Snowflake Seekers

25. Candy Cane Connoisseurs

26. Snowman’s Snow Maze

27. Ice Palace Adventurers

28. Ornament Outlaws

29. Festive Fleece Fighters

30. Silent Night Sleuths

Cool Escape Room Names

1. Abandoned Mineshaft

2. Enchanted Forest

3. Journey to the Jungle

4. Castle of Secrets

5. Locked in a Room

6. Bermuda Triangle

7. Labyrinth of Lost Souls

8. Time Warp

9. Tower of Terror

10. The Enigma

11. Catch the Clue

12. Escape from Alcatraz

13. Mission Impossible

14. The Spy Game

15. Sherlock’s Study

16. Cryptic Castle

17. The Lost Pyramid

18. Catacombs of Chaos

19. The Witching Hour

20. House of Horrors

21. Forbidden Temple

22. Crack the Code

23. Final Countdown

24. Vault of Doom

25. The Pharaoh’s Tomb 

26. Phantom of the Opera

27. Time Machine

28. Phantom Mansion

29. Secret Laboratory

30.  Maze of Mirrors 

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