Funny Elephant Names (300+ Unique Ideas)

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Funny Elephant Names

You’ve got a new trunked pal congrats! Maybe you’re a zookeeper, caregiver, or just someone who got entrusted with naming a big, gray baby.

Now comes the real challenge: What do you call an elephant that weighs as much as a car and can paint with its trunk? Let’s be honest, naming an elephant is not like naming your goldfish.

You need something that captures their majestic aura while highlighting their playful, intelligent nature.

Generic names like ‘Dumbo’ or ‘Babar’ just won’t cut it in the Instagram era, where your elephant is competing for likes and heart emojis with every other cute animal on the planet.

Funny Elephant Names Favorite List

What’s the History Behind Funny Elephant Names?

Ever wondered how the great elephants of yore got their names? Why is it that some elephant names stick in our heads while others just feel ‘meh’? Let’s hop onto a memory lane safari and find out!

Roots in Mythology and Literature

Ancient Echoes: Think about it—elephants have been a part of human lore for ages. Remember Ganesh from Hindu mythology? His name wasn’t chosen from a hat; it encapsulates wisdom and is revered across cultures.

What’s in a name?: Would Ganesh have the same impact if he were named Bob? Probably not.

The Era of Children’s Literature and Cartoons

Babar and Dumbo: These characters made us fall in love with elephants, right? The creators didn’t just pick a name out of a dictionary; they chose names that resonate with both kids and adults.

Why does it matter?: Well, how many of you remember the name of Snow White’s prince? Exactly. A memorable name creates a lasting impression.

Comedy Injection

Modern Wit: In an age of memes and internet lingo, we’ve started naming elephants things like ‘Trunky McTrunkface’ and ‘Elly Phant.’

What gives?: Why are these names suddenly trending? Simple. They capture the essence of contemporary humor while adding a spoonful of individuality.

Power of Pop Culture

The Hollywood Factor: Names like ‘Ellyphant’ (yes, like the singer) or ‘Tusker Swift’ might sound odd but tap into something we already love and recognize.

Why does this work?: It’s like your elephant is already a celebrity, right? Who wouldn’t want to be the proud namer of ‘Elefanye West’?

Global Perspective

Cultural Melting Pot: Names like ‘Chang’ (Thai for elephant) with a funny twist—say, ‘Changalang’—blend cultural heritage with humor.

Is this a good thing?: Absolutely. It’s a nod to an elephant’s roots, while still appealing to a global audience.

Funny Elephant Names (with Meaning)

Are you on the hunt for the perfect name for your tusked friend?

Whether you’re a zookeeper, an animal researcher, or just an elephant enthusiast, naming your big, gray pal can be a big responsibility.

1. Trunky McTrunkface

Trunky McTrunkface embodies the quirky, playful spirit of the Internet age. This name is perfect for an elephant who’s got a fun-loving, curious nature, almost as if he’s ready to explore uncharted waters—or savannas!

2. Elefunk

If you’ve got a musical elephant who loves to boogie, then Elefunk is a playful twist on the word ‘funk.’ The name evokes images of an elephant tapping its feet to a funky rhythm, making it impossible not to smile when you call its name.

3. Tusker Swift

This one’s for the pop culture enthusiasts. Just like Taylor Swift captures hearts with her tunes, Tusker Swift could be the elephant stealing the show at your local zoo. The name creatively combines celebrity allure with the elephant’s iconic tusks.

4. Dumblephant

A magical name for a magical creature! If your elephant has a wise, mystical aura and seems like it would fit right into the Hogwarts universe, Dumblephant could be the Dumbledore of the elephant world.

5. Earl Greyphant

For the tea lovers out there! Earl Greyphant takes a dignified, well-known tea and adds an elephantine twist. Perfect for an elephant who carries themselves with a certain aristocratic air, or for one that simply enjoys a good mud bath.

6. Wumbo Jumbo

A playful take on ‘umbo jumbo,’ this name is perfect for the elephant who’s a bit on the hefty side, but still a joy to be around. The added ‘W’ adds a touch of whimsy, making this name as adorable as it is funny.

7. Heffalumpalot

Inspired by the imaginary creatures known as ‘Heffalumps’ from Winnie the Pooh, this name suits an elephant who’s got a little extra chub and lots of love to give. The ‘lot’ addition emphasizes just how much there is to adore.

8. Ellie Gouldingphant

Perhaps your elephant has a sweet, melodic trumpet sound? Named after the singer Ellie Goulding, this name marries pop culture with the natural musical abilities of an elephant.

9. Nelly the Ele-smelly

Every animal has its own unique smell, and elephants are no exception! Nelly the Ele-smelly is a cheeky name that nods to this fact, making it ideal for a playful, carefree elephant who isn’t afraid to get dirty.

10. Jumbo Jet

Is your elephant always on the move, as if it’s racing down a runway? Jumbo Jet captures the essence of an energetic, unstoppable creature with places to go and people to see.

11. Trunkenstein

If your elephant has a majestic, almost mythical presence, why not give it a name worthy of a legend? Trunkenstein combines the awe of folklore with the charm of a modern tale.

12. Tuskadero

Inspired by the character ‘Pinky Tuscadero’ from the TV show Happy Days, Tuskadero brings a touch of vintage cool to your elephant. Perfect for the one who has a timeless appeal and a penchant for mischief.

13. Babaracus

A blend of the classic elephant Babar and Mr. T’s character ‘B.A. Baracus’ from The A-Team, this name is for the elephant who’s both gentle and tough. You can almost imagine it sporting a Mohawk and some gold chains!

14. Jumbelina

Think Thumbelina, but bigger! Jumbelina is the perfect name for a small elephant with a huge personality. The name captures the essence of something small yet magnificent.

15. Phantasia

Does your elephant have a whimsical, almost dreamlike quality? Phantasia is a name that captures an ethereal, fantastical presence in a pun-filled package.

16. Eleventeen

This one’s for the youngster who just can’t wait to grow up. The combination of ‘elephant’ and ‘seventeen’ gives this name a youthful, eager-to-please vibe.

17. Grumbo

Melding the words ‘grumpy’ and ‘Dumbo,’ Grumbo is the perfect name for an elephant with a slightly moody but endearing personality. Just like humans, elephants have their ups and downs too!

18. Phantastico

For the elephant that makes everyone go “Wow!” Phantastico combines the words ‘fantastic’ and ‘elephant’ to describe a truly extraordinary creature.

19. Trunk Twain

Perfect for the elephant who has a way with words—or at least with expressive trumpeting! A clever play on the famous author Mark Twain, this name is for the elephant that tells a story just by being itself.

20. Ella Phitzgerald

If your elephant has a soulful spirit and a timeless quality, then Ella Phitzgerald is the way to go. Named after the legendary jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, this name infuses a dose of classic sophistication into your elephant’s identity.

Funny Elephant Names Ideas List

Funny Elephant Names Ideas List

After all, you need a name that captures their grandeur while also bringing out their playful, intelligent side.

So, here’s a list to get your creative juices flowing—presenting 50+ funny and unforgettable elephant names!

  1. Trunky McTrunkface
  2. Elefunk
  3. Tusker Swift
  4. Dumblephant
  5. Earl Greyphant
  6. Wumbo Jumbo
  7. Heffalumpalot
  8. Ellie Gouldingphant
  9. Nelly the Ele-smelly
  10. Jumbo Jet
  11. Trunkenstein
  12. Tuskadero
  13. Babaracus
  14. Jumbelina
  15. Phantasia
  16. Eleventeen
  17. Grumbo
  18. Phantastico
  19. Trunk Twain
  20. Ella Phitzgerald
  21. Trunko Marx
  22. Chunky Trunky
  23. Elepants
  24. Biggy Smalls
  25. Tons o’ Fun
  26. Peanut Envy
  27. Elephtina Turner
  28. Babarbie Doll
  29. Muddy Waters
  30. Phantelope
  31. Woolly Mammoth Jr.
  32. Gigglephant
  33. Indiana Trunks
  34. Tuskany
  35. Slim Shadyphant
  36. Elvis Preslephant
  37. Squirtlephant
  38. Ganesha Grooves
  39. Trumpeteer
  40. Beethooven
  41. Noodlephant
  42. Sir Tusk-a-lot
  43. Hunk o’ Trunk
  44. Elly Capellini
  45. Humphrey Boggart
  46. Swayzephant
  47. Grey Gatsby
  48. Tumblephant
  49. Phantasia
  50. Stretch
  51. Sassyfrass
  52. Ele-dorable
  53. Bohemian Wrapsody
  54. Velocirumpet
  55. Dolly Pachyderm

Cute Elephant Names

Looking to give your adorable elephant companion a name that’s just as cute as they are? Whether you’re a proud new elephant parent, a zookeeper, or simply an elephant enthusiast, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of 30+ irresistibly cute elephant names that are bound to make you—and anyone who meets your elephant—smile from ear to floppy ear!

  1. Ellie
  2. Peanut
  3. Snuggles
  4. Tumbles
  5. Buttercup
  6. Bubbles
  7. Doodle
  8. Nellie
  9. Cuddles
  10. Fluffy
  11. Pippin
  12. Sweetie
  13. Tinker
  14. Sprout
  15. Dolly
  16. Lollipop
  17. Whiskers
  18. Giggles
  19. Sparkles
  20. Peaches
  21. Daisy
  22. Twinkle
  23. Jellybean
  24. Pudding
  25. Dimples
  26. Tootsie
  27. Puffy
  28. Niblet
  29. Muffin
  30. Wiggles
  31. Fuzzball
  32. Squeaky
  33. Babybelle
  34. Butterbean
  35. Twix

Famous Elephant Names

Elephants have long captured the hearts and imaginations of people around the world.

Here is a list of over 30 famous elephant names, sourced from various walks of life, that you might recognize or find intriguing.

  1. Babar
  2. Dumbo
  3. Horton
  4. Ganesh
  5. Tantor
  6. Colonel Hathi
  7. Manjula
  8. Stampy
  9. Meena
  10. Shep
  11. Kala Nag
  12. Winifred
  13. Hathi Jr.
  14. Celeste
  15. Elmer
  16. Heffridge Trumpler
  17. Ziggy
  18. Rosie
  19. Mrs. Jumbo
  20. Appu
  21. Jumbo
  22. Packy
  23. Ruby
  24. Mala
  25. Oona
  26. Queenie
  27. Tai
  28. Flora
  29. Satao
  30. Raju
  31. Ganesha
  32. Indali
  33. Thaung Sein
  34. Sunder
  35. Chhukha
  36. Shanthi
  37. Laxmi

Funny Male Elephant Names

Looking to name your male elephant with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of charm? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Below is a list of whimsical and hilarious male elephant names that will not only tickle your funny bone but also make for some memorable introductions.

Without further ado, here they are:

  1. Sir Trunks-a-Lot
  2. Tuskington
  3. Biggie Smalls
  4. PachyDermot
  5. Trunk Sinatra
  6. EleVader
  7. Elextreme
  8. Jumbozilla
  9. Snuffleupagus
  10. PhanTony
  11. Mumbo Jumbo
  12. ThunderTusk
  13. Hunky Dumbo
  14. Tusky Hustle
  15. EleNino
  16. Lord Tuskington
  17. Seargeant Snout
  18. Heffatrump
  19. Dumbletrunk
  20. Tusken Raider
  21. TrumpetBeats
  22. Elefreak
  23. Sir Snorfington
  24. Dr. Trunklove
  25. Jumbalaya
  26. King Tusk
  27. Trunkinator
  28. Count Trunkula
  29. Ganesha Giggles
  30. Tuskmaster Flex
  31. Phantumbo
  32. ElePhunkadelic
  33. Jumbolicious
  34. EleJazz
  35. Duke of Pachy
  36. Tusk ‘n’ Roll
  37. Trunky Kong
  38. Elepope
  39. Elton Tusk
  40. Trunkie Chan

Funny Female Elephant Names

You need a little creativity, a dash of humor, and a whole lot of personality to name a female elephant, whether you’re an elephant lover or a zookeeper.

Here’s a list of 30+ funny female elephant names that are bound to make you, and anyone who meets her, smile from ear to ear.

  1. Tuskany
  2. Ellie-Mae
  3. Phantarella
  4. Bella Trunka
  5. Queen Ellyphant
  6. Heffalady
  7. Ivoryana
  8. Ella Vator
  9. Trunkanista
  10. Tuskelina
  11. Madame Tusks
  12. Elelizabeth
  13. Trunkie Brewster
  14. Oprah Wintusker
  15. Eletastic
  16. Elle O’Cool J
  17. Pinky Tuskadero
  18. Elle-A-Noir
  19. Ele-nora
  20. Elechic
  21. Tuskarina
  22. Hellephant
  23. Tuska Rae
  24. Ella Mento
  25. Trunkilda
  26. Ellaphantasia
  27. Tuskette
  28. Elle-felicia
  29. Ellarina
  30. Eleanora Duse-tusk
  31. Pachy-Derma
  32. Ellyphoria
  33. Trunkquility
  34. Bellaphant
  35. DivaTusk

Creative Elephant Names

Looking for that perfect name for your elephant friend? A name that captures both their majestic size and playful personality?

A name that’s not just a name, but a reflection of their unique spirit? Well, you’re in for a treat!

  1. Stampy
  2. Mumbo Jumbo
  3. Woollyphant
  4. Ella Vanilla
  5. Phantarama
  6. Tuskany
  7. ElleCapitan
  8. Trumpeteer
  9. ChuckleTrunk
  10. Ele-fresco
  11. PachyDJ
  12. Horton Hears-a-Whoop!
  13. Trunkinator
  14. Queen Elelizabeth
  15. Big Ear Bob
  16. Phantango
  17. ThunderTusk
  18. SnuffleTrunk
  19. Ellywood
  20. Jumbalaya
  21. Ele-clectic
  22. Elepants
  23. Safari Sam
  24. TonkaTrunk
  25. Phantropolis
  26. Jazzelle
  27. Whimsical Wally
  28. Hunk-a-Tusk
  29. Trunky Kong
  30. Ella-mental
  31. Squirtlephant
  32. Jumbo Gumbo
  33. Rockaphant
  34. Matriar cutie
  35. Pachyderm Pete
  36. Phantabulous

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