Funny Drone Names (200+ Unique Ideas)

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Funny Drone Names

Naming a drone isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s not just a machine—it’s your airborne sidekick, ready to soar into the sky and capture life’s finest moments from angles you never thought possible.

But just like naming a pet, there’s pressure to get it right. You don’t want something generic like “Droney McDroneFace” (no offense to those who’ve chosen this!).

You crave something unique, something that’ll make your pals chuckle every time you send your little flyer into the air. Dive in for some hilarious, snappy, and downright “fly” suggestions for your drone. Let’s give your wingman the moniker it truly deserves!

Funny Drone Names Favorite List

Which Themes Stand Out for Crafting Funny Drone Names?

So, you’ve got this sleek, new drone, and it’s begging for a name that’s as epic as the adventures you’re going to take it on. But, where do you even start? Let’s break it down into some themes that stand out when crafting those laugh-out-loud drone names:

Pop Culture Puns & References:

Ever thought about naming your drone after a famous character with a twist? How about “Obi-Wan KenDroni”?

Drawing from movies, songs, or even viral trends can give your drone a name that’s both funny and instantly recognizable.

Think about it: isn’t there a certain thrill in having a pop culture icon zooming around the sky?

Wordplay Wonders:

Love a good play on words? Combine familiar phrases with drone terms! Names like “SkyPiercer” or “AirMusement” can tickle the funny bone and are bound to be conversation starters.

Who said language couldn’t be fun? When else can you turn words on their head and get away with it?

Nature-Inspired Nomenclature:

Nature’s always been a source of inspiration. Why not for your drone? “Buzz Lightyear” or “SkySquirrel” can give your gadget a playful edge while tipping a hat to the world around us.

Ever wondered if birds get jealous of your high-flying gadget? Maybe they’ll feel a kinship with a nature-inspired name.

Hobby & Personality Pairings:

Personal interests can be a gold mine! If you’re into baking, why not “DoughDrone”? Or for the gamers, “Flyro the Dragon”?

Isn’t it special when your drone reflects a bit of YOU? A hobby-inspired name can be like a secret handshake between you and your airborne buddy.

Historical Humor:

Dive into history with names that tickle and teach. “Wright Flyer’s Cousin” or “Da Vinci’s Chopper” add a touch of class and chuckles to your drone escapades.

Remember, history isn’t just about dates and facts; it’s packed with stories waiting to be retold (or renamed) in the sky!

Wrapping it up:

Crafting the perfect funny name for your drone doesn’t have to be a Herculean task.

With the right inspiration and a sprinkle of creativity, you can coin a name that’s as unforgettable as the vistas your drone captures. So, what will your sky-sidekick be called?

Funny Drone Names (with Meaning)

Looking for the perfect moniker for your flying companion? Naming your drone is not just about picking a word; it’s about capturing its essence, personality, and the amusement it brings to your life. Here are 20 hilarious drone names, each paired with a brief description to tickle your funny bone.

Obi-Wan KenDroni:

Drawing from the world of Star Wars, this name gives a nod to the wise and legendary Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Just imagine your drone, mastering the force of the skies, defending your backyard galaxy!


A playful twist on the term ‘skyscraper’, this name paints a vivid image of your drone soaring and ‘piercing’ through the vast blue canvas above, reigning supreme.

Buzz Lightyear:

Inspired by everyone’s favorite space ranger from “Toy Story”, this name suggests not just flight but adventures that are lightyears beyond ordinary.

Flyro the Dragon:

For gaming enthusiasts, merging the iconic Spyro the Dragon with the idea of flight creates a fiery, fantastical flying companion.

Wright Flyer’s Cousin:

A cheeky tribute to the Wright brothers and their first successful plane, this name harkens back to aviation’s early days, suggesting your drone is part of that pioneering lineage.

Drone With The Wind:

A punny take on the classic film “Gone With The Wind”. It captures the essence of a drone embracing the breeze and dancing freely in the sky.


Just as squirrels agilely navigate trees, your drone zips through the air with the same nimbleness, darting and hovering with precision.


Merging ‘air’ with ‘amusement’, this name suggests every flight is filled with joy, wonder, and a touch of playfulness.

Drone Malone:

For music lovers, blending the sounds of Post Malone with drones crafts a catchy, pop-driven aerial sidekick.

Sir Dronelot:

With a medieval touch, this name portrays your drone as a knight of the skies, valiantly capturing footage and guarding your aerial realm.

Cloud Clown:

Highlighting the playful antics of your drone, this name paints a picture of a gadget that loves to perform tricks amidst the clouds.


Drawing from Wi-Fi, this tech-inspired name nods to the connectivity and modernity of drones in the digital age.


Combining ‘propeller’ with the ‘pop’ sound, this name showcases the lively nature of drones, always eager to pop into action and soar.


Adding a touch of sweetness, this name paints your drone as an adorable companion, fluffy and delightful, floating in the blue yonder.


Inspired by owls that effortlessly hover, this name suggests a blend of grace and amusement, perfect for night flights.

Breeze Beast:

Capturing both the delicate dance with the wind and the powerful tech within, this name signifies a drone that’s gentle yet mighty.

Flylennium Falcon:

Another Star Wars-inspired gem, reminiscent of Han Solo’s iconic ship, suggesting your drone is ready for intergalactic adventures.

Altitude Attitude:

This name embodies a drone that’s not just about flying high but doing so with style, flair, and a whole lot of sass.


A fun spin on ‘aerodynamic’, picturing your drone as not just a piece of tech, but a trusty buddy, always having your back in the skies.


Drawing from the word ‘zephyr’ meaning a gentle breeze, this name speaks of swift, smooth flights, gracefully gliding through the winds.

Funny Drone Names Ideas List

Funny Drone Names Ideas List

Finding the right name for your drone can add an extra layer of fun to your aerial adventures. A quirky moniker can make each flight memorable, turning your drone into more than just a gadget but a character of its own. Here are 30+ delightful and humorous drone names for your inspiration:

  1. SkySnicker
  2. AeroChuckle
  3. Flighty McSkyFace
  4. GigglyCopter
  5. UpTopPop
  6. WhirlyTwirl
  7. Floaty McFloatface
  8. HoverHaha
  9. Sir Flies-a-Lot
  10. SkyGiggle
  11. AeroTickler
  12. WhiskWings
  13. ZippyZenith
  14. NimbusNicker
  15. SoarSnickers
  16. LoftyLaughter
  17. HoverHysterics
  18. TurboTitter
  19. SkywardSnort
  20. WhirlN’Whinny
  21. CloudyChuckler
  22. DriftJift
  23. AeroGuffaw
  24. PropellaProp
  25. HoverHilarity
  26. AiryAntics
  27. FlightyFunster
  28. Dronedemic
  29. BlimpBump
  30. GiggleGlider
  31. SwoopWhoop
  32. AltitiTitter
  33. SkySilly
  34. JetSetJester
  35. FlapJap

Cute Names for Drones

Embarking on a journey with your drone is all about the bond you share with it. A name can accentuate this bond, making your flights more memorable and heartwarming. If you’re searching for a name that’s endearing and strikes a chord, look no further. Here are over 30 cute names for your beloved drone:

  1. FlutterFly
  2. SkyKitten
  3. AeroAngel
  4. BumbleBreeze
  5. SoarSnuggle
  6. CloudCuddle
  7. HoverHoney
  8. WhiskWings
  9. AeroBear
  10. BlueyBoo
  11. SkySprout
  12. HoverHug
  13. CelestialChirp
  14. TwirlTurtle
  15. DriftyDream
  16. SkySnicker
  17. NimbusNuzzle
  18. FloatyFawn
  19. AiryFairy
  20. WhisperWing
  21. BreezeBuddy
  22. LiftLamb
  23. PuffyPilot
  24. GliderGiggle
  25. ZippyZen
  26. CloudyCub
  27. Flyling
  28. SoarSorbet
  29. GlimmerGlide
  30. TwinkleTwirl
  31. HoverHeart
  32. WindyWisp
  33. SkySweets
  34. FluffyFlyer
  35. LullabyLift

Cool Names for Drones

Drones, with their sleek design and cutting-edge technology, deserve names that are just as cool as they are. Whether you’re capturing breathtaking aerial shots or just soaring through the skies, these names are sure to make your drone stand out. Dive in and find the perfect moniker for your airborne companion.

  1. AeroAce
  2. SkyStealth
  3. StratoStreak
  4. NimbusNinja
  5. CelestialCruiser
  6. WindWinger
  7. ZenithZest
  8. AtmosArrow
  9. BlueBlitz
  10. SkywardSentry
  11. AeroEclipse
  12. StratosSprint
  13. GalaxyGlider
  14. HorizonHawk
  15. SkylineShadow
  16. VortexVoyager
  17. AlphaAir
  18. TerraTracer
  19. StratoSleek
  20. CelestialChaser
  21. AeroEdge
  22. WhisperWind
  23. EtherEagle
  24. OzoneOrbit
  25. NimbusNomad
  26. ZenithZoom
  27. WindWhirl
  28. PinnaclePilot
  29. CloudCruiser
  30. AeroAnchor
  31. SkySaber
  32. AtmosAviator
  33. QuasarQuest
  34. HorizonHustler
  35. SkyStream
  36. AeroAdept
  37. CelestialCraft
  38. StratoSwift
  39. AeroArcher
  40. SkySlice

Military Drone Names

The military world is a realm of discipline, precision, and prowess. When it comes to naming military drones, the monikers should evoke a sense of strength, reliability, and advanced capability. Here are over 30 compelling names tailored for military drones.

  1. FalconStrike
  2. StealthGuard
  3. AeroSentinel
  4. SkySword
  5. PhantomEye
  6. ThunderWing
  7. TerraTracker
  8. NightHawk
  9. DeltaDefender
  10. OrionOps
  11. CombatCruiser
  12. SkyShield
  13. AeroAssault
  14. HorizonHunter
  15. PhantomProwler
  16. StealthSentry
  17. TacticalTalon
  18. RangerRover
  19. SkySpear
  20. WingedWarrior
  21. AeroAvenger
  22. NimbusNighthawk
  23. SkylineSniper
  24. TerraTalon
  25. EagleEye
  26. OmegaOrbiter
  27. SkySnare
  28. NightGuard
  29. TacticalTitan
  30. StealthScout
  31. ThunderTracker
  32. CombatCaptor
  33. DeltaDominator
  34. SkylineSentry
  35. WarWing

Drone Business Names

Launching a drone business? The name you choose will be the first impression you make on potential clients and enthusiasts. An innovative and catchy name can set the tone, communicate your brand’s essence, and create a memorable identity. Here are over 30 drone business names to inspire your venture:

  1. AeroNest
  2. Skyline Solutions
  3. Drone Dynamics
  4. Nimbus Navigations
  5. Pinnacle Propellers
  6. Skyward Ventures
  7. AeroSight Innovations
  8. HoverHorizons
  9. SkyCrafters
  10. Elevate AeroTech
  11. Zenith Drones
  12. DroneScape Studios
  13. BluePeak Imaging
  14. TerraFly Technologies
  15. SkySeeker Drones
  16. StratoSnap
  17. PropelPix
  18. FlightForm Innovations
  19. AeroAspect
  20. Altitude Imagery
  21. HoverHub
  22. CieloCapture
  23. StratusVision
  24. DroneGuard Systems
  25. AeroShift Enterprises
  26. FlySight Studios
  27. Quantum Quads
  28. Altus AeroWorks
  29. OrbitOps Drones
  30. Skyway Surveillance
  31. CieloTech Solutions
  32. AeroMesh Innovations
  33. WingWard Creations
  34. StratoShot Studios

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