Funny Dodgeball Team Names (100+ Unique Ideas)

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Funny Dodgeball Team Names 

Gather round, fellow dodgeball enthusiasts! Let’s dive into the wacky world of dodgeball team names. Not just any old names, but the kind that’ll make you chuckle, guffaw, and maybe even ROFL!

Yes, we’re talking about names that are so hilarious that even the toughest dodgeball player would find it hard to keep a straight face. Brace yourself for a dodgeball name explosion and be ready to find that perfect moniker for your own quirky team!

Funny Dodgeball Team Names Top Picks

Funny Dodgeball Team Names (With Meaning)

Get ready to tickle your funny bone! These funny dodgeball team names are not only going to have you rolling on the floor with laughter, but they are also certain to make a memorable impression on your opponents.

1. Throwing Stars

This team is made up of a bunch of stars, literally! They are all talented athletes and they can throw a mean dodgeball! They will be sure to dazzle you with their amazing throwing accuracy as they dodge and weave around the court. 

2. Bouncy Balls

It’s impossible to miss this team of bouncy dodgeball players! They are always full of energy and they can bounce the ball off multiple players before it hits the ground. It’s an amazing sight to see and they are sure to have some fun while they play.

3. Ball Busters

What is there not to like about this team? These players make a great name for themselves when they use the power of their throws to send the ball flying towards their opponents. It’s an amazing display of athleticism and the best part is that they do it all for FUN.

4. Ball Stoppers

These guys know how to stop the ball and prevent it from reaching their opponents. They won’t leave their opponents alone and will be sure to get the ball and get it away from them. And, they will most likely do it with style.

5. Glove Slappers

Fun is the key to this team’s success, and everyone is encouraged to be a part of it. They use their gloves to slap away any balls that come their way and they can often be seen making jokes and laughing while they play.

6. Dunkers

The dunk is one of the most important moves to have in a pick-up game. They are able to show their opponents what they can do to change the momentum of the game. These players know how to dunk and they are sure to wow everyone on the court.

7. Ball Busters

There is nothing worse than being on defense, knowing that you need to jump or block a shot but not having enough energy left over to do so. Ball busters are known for coming off the bench and playing great defense for a few minutes before scoring themselves. So, this name is fitting, as they help the team make some big shots.

8. Bench Brats

These players always seem to be getting themselves in trouble by trying to help their teammates out. They are notorious for being too aggressive, which can often get them into trouble. They love to shoot free throws and do anything they can to make the game more exciting.

9. Pest Control

Players who have a knack for finding the worst places to be at. Pest control players like to hide behind the backboard and wait for their opponents to try and go around the boards. When they see their opponent hesitate or stop to look for them, they run towards the player and hit them right in the face with their glove.

10. Scorer’s Club

This name is given to these players because of their ability to score. The ones on this team have a high ability to score from the perimeter. They are also known to be great players to keep the ball on offense.

Funny Dodgeball Team Names Ideas List

Funny Dodgeball Team Names Ideas List

Who said dodgeball can’t be a laugh riot? With names like these, you are sure to have as much fun off the court as on it. So go ahead and pick a name that screams hilarity. Dodge, laugh, repeat!

1. Dodgefathers

2. Dodge or Die

3. Houdini’s

4. Dodgeballers Anonymous

5. DodgeThis!

6. Ball Hawks

7. Ball Barons

8. Teal Destroyers

9. Rubber Bandits

10. Underdogs

11. Flying Circus

12. Dodge Force One

13. Bouncy Bunch

14. Spiked Balls

15. Rebounders

16. Wrecking Balls

17. Unstoppables

18. Slammers

19. Unthrowables

20. Court Jesters

21. Hurlers

22. Wild Bunch

23. Sliders

24. Big Red Balls

25. Hotshots

26.Super Dobblers

27. Throw-A-Way Crew

28. Cheeky Monkeys

29. Sheer Lunacy

30. Dribble Droppers

Funny Girl Dodgeball Team Names 

Girl power has a new synonym – hilarity! These funny girl dodgeball team names are all about embracing the power of humor while you rule the dodgeball court. Celebrating strength, skill, and a huge dose of fun, these names are perfect for teams who like to play hard and laugh even harder. Bring on the humor and let the dodgeballs roll!

1. Bumpin’ Uglies

2. Throw Queens

3. Hairballs

4. Throw-Naughts

5. Not-So-Smooth Criminals

6. Wallbangers

7. Throwing Divas

8. Ballistic Babes

9. Dodge Chickens

10. Throwbacks

11. Rejects

12. Slammin’ Sirens

13. Flaming Hot Tamales

14. Rubber Bandits

15. Wall Jumpers

16. Missiles of Mischief

17. Dukes of Dink

18. She-Devils

19. Unstoppables

20. Headhunters

21. Catchers in the Rye

22. Ball-istic Bombshells

23. Ballistic Bunnies

24. Slammin’ Slammers

25. Rogue Rollers

26. Swat Team

27. Hot Shots

28. Rebounders

29. Fireballs

30. Punishers

Creative Dodgeball Team Names 

Think out-of-the-box, think crazy, think creative! Get ready to dive into a world of unique and imaginative team names that are as creative as your dodgeball maneuvers. Whether it’s a clever pun or an unusual reference, these names are crafted to spark joy and bring a smile to anyone who hears them. So why wait? Choose a creative name and let the dodgeball fun begin!

1. Late Night Dodgers 

2. Rebound Rebels

3. Volley Villains 

4. Unstoppables

5. Spikers 

6. Ball Breakers 

7. Bouncers 

8. Dodge Divas 

9. Sliders 

10. Goon Squad 

11. Throwaways 

12. Dodge Disciples 

13. Ballers of Doom 

14. Ball Hogs 

15. Beaters 

16. Ball Bashers 

17. Blockers 

18. Throwers 

19.Alley Cats 

20. Dodge Demons 

21. Rollers 

22.  Dribblers 

23. Ball Droppers 

24. Catchers 

25. Dodge Dynamos 

26. Ballistic Bullies 

27. Scorchers 

28. Hitters 

29. Ricocheters 

30. Slammers

Cool Dodgeball Team Names

Unleash the inner dodgeball superstar in you! With these cool dodgeball team names, you’ll be the talk of the court. They are not just trendy and stylish but also pack a punch. After all, when you’re playing a game as energetic and thrilling as dodgeball, your team name should be equally exciting. So gear up, choose a cool name, and let your dodgeball prowess do the talking!

1. Dreaded Dodgeballs 

2. Flying Spikes

3. Super Speeders

4. Ace Attackers

5. Strike Force

6. Ballerina Bouncers

7. Killer Kastaways

8. Dodgeball Outlaws

9. Throwing Thunders

10. Vicious Vipers

11. Rubber Rejects

12. Dodge Dozen

13. Walloping Warthogs

14. Dodgeball Ninjas

15. Hard-Hitting Hammers

16. Heavy Hitters

17. Dynamites 

18. Fastballs

19. Smashing Squids

20. Fierce Flickers

21. Ballistic Blitzers

22. Pouncing Panthers

23. Ballistic Beasts

24. Badasses

25. Bumpers

26. Daring Darters

27. Flying Finesse

28. Wacky Warriors

29. Unstoppable Thunder

30. Brave Ballers

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