Funny Dinosaur Names – Let’s Explore!

Funny Dinosaur Names

Imagine a world where your pet dinosaur, a plushy T-Rex or a cuddly Triceratops, is your closest companion, waiting for a name as unique as its prehistoric charm. You’re not just a pet owner; you’re a time-traveling linguist, tasked with the delightful duty of christening your Mesozoic friend. Now, let’s inject a dash of humor into this ancient world, because who said dinosaur names have to be all teeth and terror?

Picture this: a Stegosaurus named “Cuddlesaurus,” a Pterodactyl called “Flappy McFly,” or a Velociraptor dubbed “Speedy Snuggles.” The possibilities are as endless as the Cretaceous period itself. Whether you’re a gamer, breathing life into a pixelated dinosaur character, or a stuffed pet dinosaur enthusiast, the quest for the perfect, amusing name begins here.

So, buckle up, time-travelers, as we embark on a journey through a list of funny dinosaur names, curated to tickle your funny bone and make your pet dinosaur or game character the talk of Jurassic Park.

Funny Dinosaur Names Ideas List

Funny Dinosaur Names For Pets

1. Pterodactylus Rex

This is a fun and silly name for a dinosaur, combining the name of an ancient species of flying reptile, Pterodactylus, with the title of the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex. This jocular name gives a nod to the sheer awesomeness of the famous T-Rex while poking fun at its clumsy flying cousin.

2. Stegosaurasaurus

A silly hybrid name combines two of the most famous dinosaur species, Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus. The combination of the two words is just asking to be laughed at, and the image of a lumbering, spike-backed creature with a giant head and sharp teeth is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

3. Brontosquish

This dinosaur name is a play on the iconic Brontosaurus, with the added suffix of ‘squish’. The idea of a giant gentle giant dinosaur being squished is hilarious, and the name has a lighthearted sound that is sure to make children giggle.

4. Raptoroll

A comical name combines the word ‘raptor’ with the word ‘roll’ to create a funny wordplay. It’s a fun way to describe the swiftness of a raptor dinosaur combined with the idea of it rolling along. The image of a raptor dinosaur taking off down the road is sure to bring plenty of laughs.

5. T-Rexarama

T-Rexarama is a fun and funky dinosaur name that conjures up images of a giant t-rex stomping through the jungle with wild abandon. He’s got swagger, style and a heart of gold. He loves to dance, rap and make everyone laugh with his silly antics. 

6. Brontosaurus Maximus

Brontosaurus Maximus is a dino with a big heart and a bigger appetite. He’s always looking for adventure and loves to explore the world. He’s a loyal friend who will always have your back. 

7.  Notso Pete

It is another funny dinosaur name because it implies that this particular species of dino is…well, not so big or powerful as its relatives. He’s probably the runt of the litter, but he’s still a beloved member of the dino family. Just don’t expect him to win any races! 

8. Stompy McStomperson

Stompy McStomperson is a fun dinosaur name because it gives the impression that this is one really tough dino. He loves to stomp around and make a bit of a ruckus. His tough exterior belies a big heart and he loves to have a good time. 

9. Sir Sniffsalot

A silly dinosaur name implies that this dinosaur has a remarkable sense of smell. He can sniff out anything, no matter how small or far away it is. He can also sniff out trouble and loves to alert the other dinosaurs when something isn’t quite right. 

10. T-Swifty

T-Swifty is a funny dinosaur name because it implies that this particular species of dino is incredibly fast. He’s the fastest of them all and loves to show off his speed by racing the other dinosaurs. He never loses a race and loves to prove it.

Dinosaur Names List

Other Dinosaur Names For Pets – List

  • Rexzilla
  • Velocichomp
  • Brontosnore
  • Tyrannopaws
  • Spiketooth
  • Tricerafluff
  • Pterodactylous
  • Stegosnort
  • Raptoroot
  • Diplodog
  • Ankylosmile
  • Compsognathug
  • Parasauroloaf
  • Megathump
  • Allosnarf
  • T-Rexington
  • Bronto-Buster
  • Raptorina
  • Tricera-Chomp
  • Stego-Snort
  • Ptero-Pester
  • Diplodo-Doodle
  • Ankylo-Armor
  • Megalo-Mischief
  • Spino-Spazz
  • Allo-Attacker
  • Veloci-Velvet
  • Para-Pest
  • Baryonyx-Bananas
  • Compy-Chaos
  • Shredasaurus
  • Biscuitrex
  • Chompzilla
  • Snortasaurus
  • Spikewhisk
  • Rumplesaurus
  • Giggletooth
  • Fangtastic
  • Quirkosaurus
  • Purraptor
  • Squirtlesaurus
  • Sassydactyl
  • Roarbecue
  • Tickletooth
  • Zapplesaurus

Cute names for a dinosaur

Cute names for a dinosaur

1. Tootles

2. Puddles

3. Sunshine

4. Ruffles

5. Fluffers

6. Sparkle

7. Scales

8. Spike

9. Pebbles

10. Spikey

11. Thunder

12. Pebbly

13. Paws

14. Stompy

15. Precious

16. Roary

17. Claws

18. Froggy

19. Fizzy

20. Chewie

21. Quiver

22. Zippy

23. Mojo

24. Waddles

25. Roar

26. Shelly

27. Snuggles

28. Whiskers

29. Nutter

30. Twinkle

31. Nibbles

32. Wiggle

33. Chompers

34. Snapper

35. Dazzle

36. Scampy

37. Giggles

38. Twister

39. Chompy

40. Gizmo

41. Cruncher

42. Toast

43. Hiccup

44. Dino Grin

45. Nugget

Cute names for stuffed dinosaurs

Cute names for stuffed dinosaurs

1. Snugglesaurus

2. Cuddly Rex

3. Stegosaurus

4. Fuzzy Bronty

5. Furry Dimetrodon

6. Fluffy Tricera

7. Ptera Allosaurus

8. Loveable Brachio

9. Plushy Raptor

10. Furry Velociraptor

11. Huggable Ankylo

12. Soft-Boned Spino

13. Fluffy Diplo

14. Cozy Carnotaurus

15. Snuggly Styraco

16.  Precious Plesiosaurus 

17. Plushy Dimetro

18. Adorable Iguanodon

19. Huggable Hadrosaur

20. Lovable Parasaurolophus

21. Fuzzy Stygimoloch

22. Cuddly Pachycephalosaurus

23. Soft-Skinned Deinonychus

24. Plushy Compsognathus

25. Adorable Hypsilophodon

26. Squishy Achelousaurus

27. Snuggly Prenocephale

28. Lovable Leaellynasaura

29. Tender Troodon

30. Cozy Othnielia

31. Furry Euoplocephalus

32. Fluffy Saurolophus

33. Sweet-Faced Sauropelta

34. Huggable Psittacosaurus

35. Fuzzy Corythosaurus

36. Adorable Oviraptor

37. Soft-Nosed Edmontosaurus

38. Cuddly Gallimimus

39. Snuggly Neimongosaurus

40. Cute Iguanacolossus

41. Plushy Shunosaurus

42. Lovely Euhelopus

43. Stenonychosaurus Fluff

44. Tender Chasmosaurus

45. Squishy Ouranosaurus

Funny fake dinosaur names

Funny fake dinosaur names

1. Prehistorickles 

2. Diplo-dactyl

3. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks 

4. Velociraptorice 

5. Brachiosaurus Burrito 

6. Tricera-Top-Hat 

7. Pterodactyl Pretzels 

8. Parasaurolophus Pancake 

9. Diplodocus Diner 

10. Spinosaurus Supreme 

11. Stegoslash 

12. Muttaburrasaurus Melt 

13. Automat Megalo-burp

14. Ankylosaurus Crunch 

15. Pachycephalosaurus Pie 

16. Iguanodon Ice Cream 

17. Ultrasaurus Unicycle 

18. Sauropod Sundae 

19. Megalosaurus Martini 

20. Compsognathus Croissant 

21. Oviraptor Omelet 

22. Ceratosaurus Cake 

23. Dilophosaurus Donut 

24. Ornithomimus Onion Ring 

25. Tyrannosaurus Taco 

26. Saurolophus Slice 

27. Pteranodon Pop Tart 

28. Brachiosaurus Brownie 

29. Velociraptor Vodka 

30. Stegosaurus Shake 

31. Triceratops Toast 

32. Apatosaurus Fries 

33. Parasaurolophus Pancake 

34. Diplodocus Doughnut 

35. Spinosaurus Soda 

36. Muttaburrasaurus Macaroon 

37. Nodos-gobble

38. Ankylosaurus Alfredo 

39. Pachycephalosaurus Pizza 

40. Iguanodon Ice Cream Sandwich 

41. Ultrasaurus Udon 

42. Meatball Tastes

43. Compsognathus Cobbler 

44. Dromeo-munch

45. Ceratosaurus Cobb Salad