Funny Beagle Names for Your Furry Friend!

Funny Beagle Names

You want something that captures their quirky personality, but also has a touch of humor. I remember when I named my first Beagle, I spent days mulling over options. Funny names can be a real icebreaker at the dog park, right? But, where do you even start?

Do you go with something classic like “Buddy” or something offbeat like “Waffle”? And let’s not even get started on those names that make everyone chuckle the moment they hear it.

It’s a mix of excitement and a tad bit of pressure. But hey, don’t sweat it! I’ve been down this road, and I’ve got some rib-tickling suggestions up my sleeve. Ready to dive in?

Funny Beagle Names Favorite List

Funny Beagle Names (with Meaning)

Beagles are known for their playful nature and spirited antics. Their personalities often shine brightest when paired with a name that captures their essence with a touch of humor. Here are 20 funny Beagle names, each with its own unique twist.


Just like the golden-brown treat, this name is perfect for a Beagle with a warm and comforting presence. It’s hard not to smile when calling out for Biscuit at the dog park.


Inspired by breakfast favorites, Waffle suits a Beagle with a sweet disposition and a penchant for morning cuddles.


For the Beagle that’s a bit goofy and has a way of wriggling into your heart, just like a twisty noodle.


Does your Beagle have a mischievous side that often leads to laughter? This candy-inspired name might be the perfect fit.


For the pup that’s always in high spirits and can make anyone chuckle with their playful antics.


Ideal for a Beagle with distinct markings on their paws or one that loves to trot around with enthusiasm.


A name that’s as quirky as it sounds, perfect for a Beagle with a penchant for getting into amusing pickles.


For the Beagle that wraps up all the fun and flavor in one delightful package.


A sweet name for a Beagle with a colorful personality and a bounce in their step.


Soft, warm, and comforting – just like your favorite breakfast treat. This name is ideal for a Beagle that’s the perfect companion on lazy mornings.


Small, delightful, and full of energy, this name captures the essence of many Beagles.


For the artistic Beagle that leaves a mark wherever they go, be it with their paw prints or their heartwarming presence.


Does your Beagle have a bubbly personality that’s infectious? This name might just be the right pick.


A small piece of gold or a term of endearment, this name suits a Beagle that’s truly precious.


Soft and adaptable, Tofu is a name for the Beagle that fits into any situation with grace and charm.


Bursting with energy and flavor, this name is for the Beagle that’s always the life of the party.


For the little Beagle with a big personality, always ready to surprise you with their antics.


Soft, fluffy, and oh-so-sweet, this name is for the Beagle that melts your heart every time.


Inspired by the candy bar, this name is for the Beagle that offers double the fun and mischief.


For the Beagle that’s always up to something, keeping you on your toes with their playful nature.

Funny Beagle Names Ideas List

Funny Beagle Names Ideas List

Beagles, with their playful antics and endearing expressions, deserve names that capture their unique personalities. If you’re looking for a name that combines humor with charm, here’s a list of funny Beagle names to consider:

  1. Biscotti
  2. MuffinTop
  3. Sir Wag-a-lot
  4. Pudding
  5. Caramel
  6. Whiskers
  7. Tater Tot
  8. Mr. Sniffles
  9. Brownie
  10. SassyPaws
  11. Donut
  12. Bumblebee
  13. Pawsanova
  14. Sprout
  15. Niblet
  16. Sir Barkington
  17. Wiggles
  18. Mischief
  19. Tinkerbell
  20. Cinnabun
  21. Goofball
  22. Pipsqueak
  23. Rolo
  24. Zippy
  25. Butterbean
  26. Chuckles
  27. Doodlebug
  28. Fizz
  29. Gumbo
  30. Hiccup
  31. Jester
  32. Kookie
  33. Lollipop
  34. Mumbo Jumbo
  35. Noodle
  36. Oreo
  37. Poptart
  38. Quirk
  39. Riffraff
  40. Spud.

Badass Beagle Names

Beagles, with their keen sense and spirited demeanor, can rock not just adorable but also some seriously badass names. If you’re looking to give your Beagle a name that packs a punch, here’s a list to inspire you.

  1. Blaze
  2. Thunder
  3. Diesel
  4. Maverick
  5. Riptide
  6. Vortex
  7. Sable
  8. Fang
  9. Storm
  10. Rebel
  11. Onyx
  12. Titan
  13. Blade
  14. Ghost
  15. Racer
  16. Bullet
  17. Raven
  18. Hunter
  19. Vandal
  20. Phantom
  21. Rogue
  22. Talon
  23. Jett
  24. Striker
  25. Cobra
  26. Outlaw
  27. Nitro
  28. Spartan
  29. Valkyrie
  30. Sniper
  31. Havoc
  32. Gunner
  33. Rumble
  34. Sabotage
  35. Tornado.

Funny Beagle Names Male

Their mischievous grins and playful demeanor, deserve names that capture their spirited essence. If you’re looking for a chuckle-worthy name for your male Beagle, here’s a list to inspire you.

  1. Sir Waggington
  2. Bark Twain
  3. Mr. Snifferson
  4. Houndini
  5. Beagle Boss
  6. Pawsanova
  7. Sir Howls-a-lot
  8. Chewbacca
  9. Barkley
  10. Woofgang
  11. Beagzter
  12. Sir Barksalot
  13. Tailor Swift
  14. Beaglesworth
  15. Pupcorn
  16. Barknado
  17. Beagleton
  18. Woofles
  19. Sir Sniffalot
  20. Pup-tart
  21. Beagle Bond
  22. Howlbert
  23. Beagster
  24. Sir Wag-a-lot
  25. Pawsident
  26. Beagly McBeagface
  27. Sir Chews-a-lot
  28. Barkmaster
  29. Beagzilla
  30. Sir Puppers
  31. Beag-a-boo
  32. Howlster
  33. Barkington
  34. Beagle Bro
  35. Sir Woofington.

Funny Beagle Names Female

For female Beagles, a touch of humor combined with a dash of femininity can make for the perfect moniker. Here are over 30 funny names tailored for your female Beagle:

  1. Bella-Boo
  2. Miss Muffet
  3. Giggly Grace
  4. Lulu Lemon
  5. Dainty Daisy
  6. Sassy Lassie
  7. Tinkerbell Toes
  8. Honeybun
  9. Ladybug Lou
  10. Pippa Paws
  11. Whimsical Willow
  12. Bubbles
  13. Caramel Cutie
  14. Diva Dot
  15. Fizzy Fiona
  16. Jellybean Jane
  17. Kooky Kiwi
  18. Lollipop Luna
  19. Mocha Mimi
  20. Niblet Nora
  21. Olive Oops
  22. Peppy Pepper
  23. Queenie Quirk
  24. Razzle Dazzle
  25. Silly Sophia
  26. Tutti-Frutti Tina
  27. Wiggly Wendy
  28. Zany Zoe
  29. Buttercup Bliss
  30. Doodle Dee
  31. Fruity Frida
  32. Hiccup Hazel
  33. Jazzy Jewel
  34. Kit-Kat Kira
  35. Marmalade Mia.

Famous Beagle Names

From movies to literature, these famous Beagle names have captured the hearts of many. Here’s a list of over 30 renowned Beagle names to inspire you.

  1. Snoopy
  2. Odie
  3. Gromit
  4. Shiloh
  5. Porthos
  6. Copper
  7. Lou
  8. Flash
  9. Bagel
  10. Buddy
  11. Daisy
  12. Max
  13. Bella
  14. Charlie
  15. Lucy
  16. Molly
  17. Toby
  18. Bailey
  19. Rosie
  20. Jake
  21. Lulu
  22. Sam
  23. Sadie
  24. Rocky
  25. Marley
  26. Luna
  27. Henry
  28. Coco
  29. Riley
  30. Zoe
  31. Oliver
  32. Winston
  33. Maggie
  34. Jack
  35. Ellie.

Why Does a Funny Name Suit Beagles the Best?

You’re thinking of a name for your Beagle, why not let your humorous side take the lead? After all, with a Beagle by your side, every day is filled with laughter and love. Why should their name be any different?

Personality Match:

Beagles are inherently playful and spirited. Ever noticed how a Beagle’s tail wags with an extra dose of enthusiasm? Or how their eyes light up with mischief?

Naming them something humorous is like putting a cherry on top of their already delightful personality. It’s like naming a comedian “Jester” – it just fits!

Conversation Starters:

Ever been to a dog park and heard someone call out a unique, funny name? It’s an instant icebreaker.

A Beagle named “Mr. Wiggles” or “Sir Barksalot” is bound to get a few chuckles and start conversations. Who wouldn’t want to know the story behind such a name?

Highlighting Their Antics:

Have you ever seen a Beagle chase its tail or get startled by its reflection? Their antics are pure comedy gold.

A humorous name like “BooBoo” or “Goofball” just amplifies these moments, doesn’t it?

Building a Bond:

Sharing a laugh is one of the quickest ways to bond, right? Every time you call out a funny name and share a chuckle with someone, it strengthens the bond between you, your Beagle, and the person you’re interacting with. It’s like having an inside joke that the whole world is in on!

Memorability Factor:

Let’s be honest, would you remember a Beagle named “Bob” or one named “Sir Waggington”? Funny names stick in our minds.

It’s the same reason we remember a hilarious joke from years ago but forget what we had for breakfast yesterday.

Embracing the Joy:

Dogs, especially Beagles, bring so much joy into our lives. Why not amplify that happiness with a name that brings a smile to our faces?

After all, isn’t life too short to be serious all the time?